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2019 Affordable Housing Summit

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2019 Affordable Housing Summit

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The mobile home park business is constantly evolving, and conditions are changing. So are new inventions and offerings. To maximize your mobile home park acquisitions and operational performance, it is imperative that you stay on top of every new item in every segment of the industry. And that’s why we founded the Affordable Housing Summit. Over the years, it has changed from a live in-person event to a live teleconference and, starting this year, a daily recorded discussion on a new topic every day for 20 business days. So why would you want to devote that much time to the 2019 Affordable Housing Summit?

Huge depth of information

There is going to be 20 hours of discussions in this year’s Summit. That’s an incredible amount of information. We have always said that if every listener to the Summit can come away with at least one great idea, then it was a total success. And we’re making sure to make good on that pledge by offering so many great ideas that it would be virtually impossible not to come away with several winners. Topics include everything from acquiring parks (where the hot markets are in 2019, financing options, cap rate trends and tips on closing) to building a portfolio (the latest trends in home financing to fill vacant lots on a large scale) to park operations (new developments in water sub-metering, saving money on purchasing park. supplies, and how to attract organic move-ins).

Massive qualifications

All speakers at the 2019 Affordable Housing Summit are at the top of their game and well-known inside the industry. Information is only as good as the source, and we do not allow anyone to participate in the Summit if they are not a vetted expert on their topic. We built this event for our own use in making strategy moves for the New Year, and we only include speakers who we feel are important enough to listen to.

The power of harnessing the future

Many of our best moves have come from making strategy decisions from the best information possible about the future. For example, we started buying mobile home parks aggressively in 2010 when we noted that the cap rates and interest rates had the biggest spreads in industry history. Then we started aggressively filling lots using the CASH program when we believed that the kinks had been worked out and there was a huge pent up demand for customers who wanted to be homeowners of new homes but there was a chattel credit disconnect. We adjusted our debt to Agency when we heard about their new programs and decided that it offered the ultimate in non-recourse offerings. All of the smart plays we have made over the past two decades have come from making educated predictions based on good information.

Easy-to-use format

This year we have made huge improvements on the delivery of the material from the Affordable Housing Summit. Instead of a grueling full day of discussions – one after the other – we have modified the event to produce an hour of discussions per day for 20 straight days, sent to you in the form of an email daily. This allows you to listen to the Summit at your own pace and on your own schedule, and offers great information in a very user-friendly format.


The 2019 Affordable Housing Summit will be the best event of this type that we have ever produced. It offers the widest range of topics and speakers, and in a new, user-friendly format. It is our goal to only produce “insanely great” products, and we believe the 2019 Affordable Housing Summit will deliver on that promise. The first speech will be released on February 4th, so get your tickets today!

Here is the list of speakers and topics:

  • Megatrends In The Industry By Frank Rolfe
  • Mobile Home Park Laws And Regulations With D.J. Pendleton
  • Mobile Home Park Financing With M.J. Vukovich
  • Revenue Enhancement Concepts With Amy Moore
  • How To Properly Insure Your Mobile Home Park In 2019 With Kurt Kelley
  • Purchasing Platform With Dave Bowen
  • Filling Vacant Lots With David Graham
  • Environmental Report Issues With Mike Renz
  • Buying Used Homes To Fill Lots With Quinn Keyser-Cochran
  • Hiring, Retaining And Firing Managers With Todd Burget
  • Third-Party Management Of Mobile Home Parks With M. Shapiro Real Estate Group
  • How To Sell Mobile Homes With George Andrews
  • Filling Vacant Lots With The CASH Program From 21st Mortgage
  • Creating The “Sense Of Community” With Heather Blanks And Tory Wilson
  • Water/Sewer Sub-Metering With Metron Sustainable Services
  • Legal Issues In Buying Mobile Home Parks With Dave DiMarco
  • Buying Mobile Home Parks In 2019 With Two Top Industry Brokers
  • The State Of The Mobile Home Product With Clayton Homes
  • Making Marginal Deals Great And What Deals To Avoid With Dave Reynolds
  • Summary And Highlights With Frank Rolfe

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