[Pre-Order] Addressing Geriatric Challenges & Supporting Families A Dementia Certification Training

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Addressing Geriatric Challenges & Supporting Families A Dementia Certification Training

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Addressing Geriatric Challenges & Supporting Families A Dementia Certification Training


When a person is living with dementia, everyone they love is impacted by the diagnosis, too.

Oftentimes, family members are tasked with the day-to-day care, and they’re constantly worried about their loved one getting worse.

Whether it’s Alzheimer’s disease or other dementias, dealing with cognitively declining patients is challenging for even the most skilled nurses—much less a patient’s child, sibling, or spouse with no medical training.

With our expert insights and decades of experience, you will better understand the challenges your aging patients face…

… and learn ways to support their caregivers and families every step of the way.

This Dementia Care Specialist training gives you proven methods and strategies to achieve the best outcomes for your geriatric patients.

Best of all, you’ll become an Evergreen Certified Dementia Care Specialist (ECDCS)

… and the experienced nurse your patients, and their families, deserve on their side!

REGISTER NOW for instant, lifetime access to these care-changing components:
Solve Challenging Dementia Behaviors: Support Family Connections and Losses as Root Causes
— with Edward G. Shaw, MD, MA
Immerse yourself in innovative and effective skills to support patients with dementia. Learn how to focus on abilities, strength, and resilience instead of disabilities and neuropsychiatric symptoms with this helpful arsenal of new tools.
Module 1: Understanding the Brain & Dementia
  • The Stages of Dementia
  • Meet Your Brain
  • Cognitive Function and Assessments for Dementia
Module 2: Challenging Behavioral Expressions & Attachment
  • Attachment Theory Reimagined in the Setting of Older Adults
  • Dementia as the Ultimate Attachment Loss
  • Care Partners and Individuals with Dementia
Module 3: Building a Framework for Thinking about Dementia
  • Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction
  • The HPA Axis – Stress’s Brain-Body Connection
  • How to Practice Mindfulness
Module 4: Caregiver Stress & Strategies that Help
  • Love Reimagined in the Context of Dementia: The 5 Love Languages
  • The Importance of Communication & Self-Care
  • Case Studies & Resources

Challenging Geriatric Behaviors
— with Steven Atkinson, PA-C, MS
Transform the way you approach the most frustrating behaviors common to Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias. Learn how to problem-solve ethical and practical questions and best support patients and their families.
Module 5: Normal Aging and Dementia
  • Alzheimer’s Disease and Other Dementias
  • Brain Lobes & Cognitive Function
  • Driving
Module 6: Common Challenging Geriatric Behavior
  • ABCs of Behavior
  • Validation Techniques for Communication
  • Strategies for Challenging Behaviors of Dementia
Module 7: Learning from Experience & Mistakes
  • 10 Steps to Combat Caregiver Burden
  • Support Groups
  • Resources & Case Studies
Meet the Experts:
Robert Shaw

Edward G. Shaw, MD, MA, is dually trained as a physician and mental health counselor. He founded the Memory Counseling Program in 2011, serving individuals, couples, and families affected by Alzheimer’s disease or another type of dementia.

Steven Atkinson

Steven Atkinson, PA-C, MS, is a Board-Certified Physician Assistant specializing in Geriatric Internal Medicine. He is the co-founder of Twin Cities Physicians, which serves older adults in nearly all levels of their care.

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