[Pre-Order] Chicago In-Service Streaming Videos

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Chicago In-Service Streaming Videos

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Chicago In-Service Streaming Videos

With the recent launch of my Chicago In-Service DVD’s/streaming videos, there have been a handful of questions that we’ve seen time and again in our inbox. Rather than answer them individually, I figure it makes sense to answer a bunch of these at once, where everyone can benefit from the answers. Enjoy!

Since this is our first time offering both options, we hadn’t originally considered this. However, if you order the DVD’s yet live internationally, we can probably set you up with the streaming in the interim. Shoot us an e-mail and we’ll figure something out.

Can I watch these videos on my iPad?

Has this product been given continuing ed credits? I think this type of product offers me exactly what I need as a trainer!

For the time being, I have not applied for continuing education credits through the NSCA or any other certifying body.

However, if we decide to do that at a later point in time, we will make the CEU’s available to anyone who has previously purchased the product.

If you purchase the DVD’s, can you also get online streaming?

I haven’t tried myself, but I’m 99% sure the answer is yes. If not, let us know and we can configure some things to make this work.

You can’t talk about knees without discussing hips, ankles, core, etc.

  • Furthermore, there’s always going to be overlap between my products. You can’t talk about backs without talking about backs, hips, t-spine, etc.
  • What are the differences between this and your other products?
  • Again, I’m not sure how “different” they are. As I always say, good movement is good movement.

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