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Dan Darrow – Actionable Options Program

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Dan Darrow – Actionable Options Program

Salepage: Dan Darrow – Actionable Options Program

The 2 Types of Options Instructors

There’s the ‘guru’ on your Facebook feed showing off his new Lamborghini (which is probably rented).

And then there’s the professional trader that actually earns a living trading options.

Which would you choose to teach you how to trade options?

Daniel Darrow has been a professional proprietary trader since 2006, and he’s finally sharing his battle-tested options trading methodology.

He calls it the ‘Actionable Options Program’ for a simple reason: it’s about taking ACTION, from a true professional’s point of view.

Theories are great for textbooks and classrooms — but they must be augmented with real-world experience and knowledge.

About Dan Darrow

Dan Darrow has been a  professional options and equity trader since 2006.

Dan employs a “hybrid approach,” focusing heavily on stocks with major news catalysts.

He actively swing trades options while employing a short-term momentum approach with equities.

In particular, Dan looks to capitalize on volatile price swings that occur during earnings season, which can create highly-profitable options trades.

Dan graduated from Fordham University with a Bachelor’s  Degree in Finance.

What’s Included With Your Purchase

3 Hours of Video Training (8 Chapters)

8 PDF Guides – 296 Pages

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