[Pre-Order] Duane and DaBen – Channeling to ‘Converse’ with Other Sentient Beings: Part 4 Exploring Infinite Being

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Duane and DaBen – Channeling to ‘Converse’ with Other Sentient Beings: Part 4 Exploring Infinite Being

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Duane and DaBen – Channeling to ‘Converse’ with Other Sentient Beings: Part 4 Exploring Infinite Being


Channeling to ‘Converse’ With Other Sentient Beings

DaBen wants to offer you this very special teaching that has been his private work with Duane for many years, as he feels that many of you are now ready to vastly expand your consciousness in this way.

Welcome to DaBen’s Channeling to “Converse” with Other Sentient Beings course

DaBen and your guide will assist you in learning how to “converse” with very evolved Beings, far beyond human consciousness. These Beings have volunteered to work individually with you and are aware that you will be contacting them. Every time you work with them you will be offered many expansions of consciousness.
Note: You do not need to complete Part 1-3 to be able to experience the spaces DaBen is transmitting in Part 4. 

Learn how to ‘converse’ with highly evolved Beings
DaBen will show you many energy skills that will allow you to directly experience some highly evolved Beings and their reality, as ‘conversing’ with them happens beyond language and thought. DaBen and the Beings you work with will show you ways to expand your concepts in order to understand your “conversations” and experiences with them, whose realities are very different from yours.

Each time you work with and come into resonance with these Beings, you will move into their consciousness. This allows you to perceive ordinary reality in new ways afterward. This can bring meaningful new perspectives about your earth life and the ways you can think and be. It can help you view your life in creative ways, expand your sense of who you are, and empower you to create a better, more fulfilling life.

Learn to recognize and break up limiting thought forms
You will work with Beings who can show you more about the nature of thought forms. You will learn how to recognize, breakup, and release thought forms and beliefs that have limited you, even those of which you may not be aware. With this, you can better recognize and let go of limitations you may have unknowingly accepted as part of the culture you live in. You can then discover innovative and effective ways to live your truth in more areas of your life.

These Beings will also assist you in learning how to hold your thoughts in ways that allow you to enter into higher realities and to better ‘converse’ with highly evolved Beings.

You will meet Beings who are incredibly “large” at an energy level, who will teach you how to get “big” at an energy level so you can converse with them. You can learn much from these Beings that will assist you in transforming your earth life as they greatly expand your concepts of what is possible.

You will meet a number of other highly evolved Beings including ones that will teach you how to move out of the limitations of linear time into simultaneous time where you can see all probabilities; fear and worry disappear, and the way forward can be clearly seen.

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