[Pre-Order] Duane and DaBen – Discovering Other Beings and Consciousnesses: Part 2 Exploring Infinite Being

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Duane and DaBen – Discovering Other Beings and Consciousnesses: Part 2 Exploring Infinite Being

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Duane and DaBen – Discovering Other Beings and Consciousnesses: Part 2 Exploring Infinite Being


Discovering Other Beings and Consciousnesses

Imagine a classroom of light, created just for you who are ready
by DaBen and some very, very evolved Beings of light.
These inner teachers are gathering to assist you in reaching levels of
consciousness, light, and beauty never before offered.

Welcome to DaBen’s Discovering Other Beings and Consciousness Course

DaBen wants to offer you this very special teaching that has been his private work with Duane for many years, as he feels that many of you are now ready to vastly expand your consciousness in this way.

In this course you will connect with consciousnesses (beings) wherever your consciousness can take you. DaBen will lead you to discover other focuses of consciousness (beings) that connect with or contribute to your earth plane life. For instance, you might discover groups of beings, of consciousnesses, at various levels of evolution that you can contribute to and receive energy and assistance from that you have not yet recognized as distinct, coherent conscious energy before. You will have the opportunity to experience the dynamic nature of Source and the seemingly resultant life forms. You can play with discovering conscious energy in manifest forms as you open to Source as energy and consciousness.

In addition to aspect selves of Part 1 of this course, you will explore your parallel existences and other organizations of your consciousness in different planes of reality. You will continue to work with your guide to deepen your channeling ability. Your guide will assist you in discovering those groups of consciousnesses that will be most instructive for you to play with, and to work with in other ways as well, such as in the ways that DaBen assists Duane in exploring. You will explore how recognizing and experiencing other consciousnesses can lead to opening your life on the earth plane in ordinary reality as a spiritual practice.

A quantum shift into a new type of consciousness is offered in this course
Duane: This new consciousness is a structural shift, a quantum shift in consciousness into what DaBen calls “Emergent Consciousness.”  The best I can find to describe this shift is that it turns your consciousness into something else, (not just getting smarter or becoming more conscious).  When this shift happens it transforms who and what you think you are. This shift assists you in having a more stable and sustained awareness of the totality of your being including your presence in other realities and dimensions. You will be able to more easily stay connected to your guide and to vast Beings of light and higher forces and to positively affect your earth life from this higher level.

With the expansion into Emergent Consciousness, your insights, creativity, decisions, and choices will flow from a higher level of understanding and connection to a larger universe. Your creations will embody more of the beauty and perfection of the higher dimensions. You will be more aligned with the flow and purpose of your life on a moment-to-moment basis. With this Emergent Consciousness you will have clearer guidance and a greater sense of what to do in any given situation to experience the divine perfection that lies within it, waiting to be revealed and manifested. You will gain more skill at connecting with consciousness itself, from the less evolved to greater evolved forms and Beings.

You do not need to complete Part 1 to be able to experience the spaces DaBen is transmitting in Part 2.

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