[Pre-Order] Duane and DaBen – Evolving into Your Luminous Body: Part 3 Redefining Connections from Your Luminous Body

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Duane and DaBen – Evolving into Your Luminous Body: Part 3 Redefining Connections from Your Luminous Body

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Duane and DaBen – Evolving into Your Luminous Body: Part 3 Redefining Connections from Your Luminous Body


Travel into Realms of Light and
Receive Energy from Luminous Beings for
Evolving Into Your Luminous Body

Redefining Connections from Your Luminous Body

Read comments from participants about their experiences with DaBen’s Evolving Into Your Luminous Body courses.

Message from Duane about the wonderful changes you may experience as you redefine your connections.

In DaBen’s Redefining Connections course, DaBen will guide you to experience your Luminous Body. You can work on redefining your connection from this high space to everything in your life including to your thoughts, emotions, and body; to your environment and relationships, and to your connection to all the energies about you, both higher and lower ones.

As you play with redefining your connections from your Luminous Body, you can have:

  • A greater sense of the light and energy available to you so you can bring more light into your earth plane expressions, into everything you create and do.
  • Enhanced experiences of a spiritual or high nature and increased ability to experience.
  • More power behind the flow of your life; things that are right for you will have even more power, a greater sense of flow, and a feeling that everything is aligned and working for you.
  • Greater awareness of where your connections have lost their energy so you can re-connect from a higher level and transform or release them.
  • Everything around you will come into a higher vibration.
  • Certain things may become uncomfortable and disappear, or become something you need to consciously let go of to have more light in your life.
  • Improved relationships through working on them at a higher level, then letting the energy work you have done precipitate into insights, changes, and refinements in your connection.
  • More harmony in your environment and with all energies around you, with your friends, loved ones, and all life.

What you create from redefining your connections will come about automatically as you follow the flow, and will be a reflection of the connections you have become aware of and the new potential you activate from this higher level. You will be able to move into a higher consciousness that allows you to change things experientially from luminous body spaces, playing with the energies, discovering connections, becoming luminous, finding a higher flow, and in all the ways you have learned to be in these spaces.

Course includes the complete course journeys of 24 DaBen meditations, numerous Duane talks, and written transcripts of both in a PDF booklet. Also included are an additional 7 DaBen meditations, one for each of the prior series (Exploring Infinite Being, LB951-LB956) to assist you in having even more profound experiences of the skills taught in this Redefining Connections from Your Luminous Body course.  (LB963) Download format.

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