[Pre-Order] Duane and DaBen – Evolving Into Your Luminous Body: Part 4 Expanding Your Luminous Body

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Duane and DaBen – Evolving Into Your Luminous Body: Part 4 Expanding Your Luminous Body

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Duane and DaBen – Evolving Into Your Luminous Body: Part 4 Expanding Your Luminous Body


Exploring the Energies of Expansion
Listen to this free journey from Duane and DaBen made especially to explore the energies of expansion, as a beginning sense of the light body energies you will learn in this course.

Message from Duane about the Expanding Your Luminous Body course and the energies of expansion you will learn:

Duane: Throughout the course DaBen will transmit individually to you many wonderful energies of expansion for you to use to expand your luminous body and thus the light you live in and radiate. These energies allow you to expand every experience you have, including your ability to sense more of the bigger picture, see more detail in the energies, expand into more light, and much more. DaBen will also teach you how to translate these various expansions of consciousness into your earth plane life to create many shifts. This is a very practical course where you will receive many insights into your life, projects, relationships, thoughts, and about anything you want more clarity.

The energies of expansion can greatly assist you if you are feeling stuck, think your life has become too routine, or are busy all the time but feel you are not accomplishing your higher or more important goals. It can help you to expand any goals you have, to see them in a larger context, and to save time and energy in accomplishing them.

As you expand into these new energies you feel more alive, positive, and able to move forward in a desired direction, or in a new direction that might not have even occurred to you as a possibility before. These energies of expansion help you discover and move out of smaller, more limited expressions of your potential, places in your life where you might not have even recognized there was an opportunity to live in a more expanded, fulfilling way.

I have experienced these new, expanded energies in many ways. The energies of expansion have expanded my perspective on what is possible to have and accomplish. They have allowed me to “play bigger” in the energies, and then become aware of how I can “play bigger” in my life in general, expanding past previous limits that I was not even aware I was imposing on myself.

These energies of expansion in the luminous body can assist you to:

  • Get a broader, clearer, more detailed vision of your life, path, and future as you view your life from a higher level.
  • Experience a greater, higher presence in the energy you live in, with more awareness of the connections you are a part of, in a way that allows you to break out of the limits you may have been unknowingly living with.
  • You become aware of and begin to examine limits you have imposed on your life and thinking, and those limits automatically dissolve as you expand in these energies.
  • Influence the energies you are in and about in a positive, dynamic way.
  • Increase your ability to be in resonance with, to explore highly refined, beautiful, luminous energies, and to bring them into ordinary reality to create a more beautiful, light-filled life.
  • Expand your capacity to experience and sustain feelings of pleasure and joy, peace and harmony, both in higher spaces and in ordinary reality.
  • As you expand in one area, you can create shifts in many areas of your life through the insights and higher consciousness you gain from each expansion.
  • Continually expand, as expansion is on-going.
  • Experience physical well-being and greater physical ease.

This Expanding Your Luminous Body course includes the complete course journeys of 22 DaBen meditations, numerous Duane talks, and written transcripts of both in a PDF booklet. Also included are an additional 7 DaBen meditations, one for each of the prior series (Exploring Infinite Being, LB951-LB956) to assist you in having even more profound experiences of the skills taught in this Expanding Your Luminous Body course.  (LB964) Download format.

Note: This is part of a series called Evolving Into Your Luminous Body.
You do not have to take other courses in this series to participate in the Expanding Your Luminous Body course.

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