[Pre-Order] Duane and DaBen – Evolving Into Your Luminous Body: Part 5 Refining Your Luminous Body

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Duane and DaBen – Evolving Into Your Luminous Body: Part 5 Refining Your Luminous Body

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Duane and DaBen – Evolving Into Your Luminous Body: Part 5 Refining Your Luminous Body


Read comments from participants about their experiences with DaBen’s Evolving Into Your Luminous Body courses.

Message from Duane about the Refining Your Luminous Body course

In deep meditation with DaBen, preparing for what you will learn in this Refining Your Luminous Body course, I experienced a breakthrough into an entirely new state of consciousness. I suddenly broke through what felt like a “shell,” an energy barrier that burst wide open. As it opened I received enormous infusions of luminous light that flowed into every area of my life.

Break through an Energy Barrier into Higher Consciousness

I am very excited about this space and being able to offer it to you in this course. It blew me away and carried me for a very long time. It has been an incredible experience to have everything I think about vibrating with and responding to these infusions of luminous light. Most people are not even aware this energy barrier exists, and are living a more limited life because of it. When I had received all the luminous energy I could handle, DaBen showed me how to close the shell, somewhat like opening and closing a clam shell. Then, whenever I am ready for more infusions of luminous light into my consciousness, I can open the shell again as you will learn how to do.

Experience every area of your life
vibrating with luminous light
that lifts everything it touches.

DaBen will guide you to experience this amazing consciousness, bursting out of this “shell” and breaking through this energy barrier. You cannot intellectually break out of this shell by thinking about it or having new thoughts. You can only open it with experiential, higher energy. When this shell cracks open, there is so much light that the experience is amazing. You watch light filtering into every area of your thoughts and consciousness, transforming old patterns with so much light that they dissolve and cannot reform.

In this course you can breakthrough to a new consciousness and receive infusions of luminous light to:

  • Have the clearest, most refined picture possible of whatever you direct your attention to.
  • Get the bigger picture of whatever you think of in this breakthrough space as you learn to stay in the flow of this energy.
  • Receive answers, insights, action plans, and energy at a level of detail that can be absolutely astonishing.
  • You as a focus of consciousness exist in level after level of consciousness, all the way down to physical matter.
  • You can let every level of your being vibrate with luminous light.
  • View the past, present, and future and be aware of more of the entire scope of whatever you are thinking about or working on, to make wise choices and decisions.
  • Change your relationship to time and create your higher goals much more quickly, know what they are, and accomplish more in a shorter time than ever before possible because you are in the flow.
  • Become aware of how whatever you are doing can harmoniously fit into everything else so you can be in the flow.

DaBen and the highly evolved luminous beings you will experience in this course will assist you in opening to receive as much luminous energy as is possible. DaBen has been working with these beings who have agreed to sponsor you in taking this quantum leap into a new consciousness.

The first part of this course is about getting into a remarkable state where you can break through an “energy barrier” and experience multiple infusions of luminous light. The rest of the course shows you how to access and use this amazing state to let every area of your life vibrate with luminous light. With this you can expand, refine and bring every area of your life into alignment with your true being and higher purpose.

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