[Pre-Order] Duane and DaBen – Evolving Into Your Luminous Body: Part 6 Expressing as Your Luminous Body on the Earth Plane

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Duane and DaBen – Evolving Into Your Luminous Body: Part 6 Expressing as Your Luminous Body on the Earth Plane

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Duane and DaBen – Evolving Into Your Luminous Body: Part 6 Expressing as Your Luminous Body on the Earth Plane


Read comments from participants about their experiences with DaBen’s Evolving Into Your Luminous Body courses.
Please go to the end of this page for links to the other courses in this series. Each course in this series can be taken in any order.

Message from Duane About Expressing as Your Luminous Body:

Picture yourself moving through an energy barrier and emerging into another dimension of beautiful luminous light. This dimension is one of those that source the dimension you live in. It is beyond time and space. Imagine receiving a downpour of subtle, immensely refined luminous light, lifting your consciousness to a purer, finer, higher vibration.

In this course you will explore how to express luminous light as it touches your mind and thoughts, emotions, body, and connections. This light enhances the vitality of your physical body, opens your heart, and connects you more fully to the unity and oneness of all life. As your consciousness becomes infused with luminous light, it can express as new paths, choices, perceptions, and decisions.

Living from the level of luminous consciousness allows you to more easily and effectively manifest and create.You can see much further into the future as you are no longer bound by time and space. Your thoughts transform into pure knowingness that goes beyond words. You can know in a flash what needs to be done–what actions, words, and thoughts reflect your purpose in that moment.

You can create a balance in your life that is not possible from a lower level. You can recognize old ways of thinking and being from this higher state, easily shifting them as you realize that you can live a much freer, fuller life as you release past limitations. As you receive and express this luminous light, you can feel a deep peace, knowing that all is well and as it should be. You bask in a feeling that the universe is perfect, right now, in each moment, no matter what is happening.

quantum leap

  • Break through an energy barrier to to a new consciousness and receive infusions of luminous light.
  • Take a quantum leap in consciousness as every area of your life vibrates with luminous light.
  • Go beyond the mind into pure knowingness.
  • Experience thoughts as insights that guide you.
  • See further into the future, get more details.
  • Receive luminous energy from many highly evolved luminous beings.
  • Link with your guide to explore higher dimensions from which to manifest.
  • Be at the forefront of bringing this energy to humanity.

In this course you will learn how to bring in luminous energies and distribute them into every area of your life. You will continue to work with luminous energies to continue to expand upon your ability to:

  • Receive answers, insights, action plans, and energy at a level of detail that can be absolutely astonishing.
  • View the past, present, and future and be aware of more of the entire scope of whatever you are thinking about or working on, to make wise choices and decisions.
  • Change your relationship to time and create your higher goals much more quickly, know what they are, and accomplish more in a shorter time than ever before possible because you are in the flow.
  • Become aware of how whatever you are doing can harmoniously fit into everything else so you can be in the flow.

Note: You do not have to take other courses in this series to participate in the Expanding Your Luminous Body course.

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