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Energyforsuccess – Vitality Decoded

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Energyforsuccess – Vitality Decoded

Salepage : Energyforsuccess – Vitality Decoded


Your breath is an access point for you to bring energy into your being, revitalizing your body, mind, and spirit.

The guided visualizations in this program use the power of your mind to amplify the natural energizing power of the breath, guiding you to connect with specific Source Energy vibrations embedded in the audio by Dr. B.

This 3 day guided breathing experience targets three of the most important areas of life to help you create unparalleled success: Health, Relationships, and High Performance.

This App package does not expire.

The breathing exercises included in this program are:

  • Getting Into The Zone – One our most popular breathing exercises, thousands of people around the world use this guided visualization to reliably drop into a flow state–that rare state of being where time disappears and peak performance can emerge, free from resistance, doubt, and nagging voices in your head
  • 8 Minutes to the Energy – Short enough to fit in between clients, classes, or right before a big meeting so you are primed in an optimal state of poised relaxation so you can perform your best when you need it most.
  • 360 Degree Connection To Reality – A very special guided breathing visualization to expand your perspective of the universe and to connect you to the immense opportunity of existence.
  • Nurture Your Relationships – You are a relational being, shaped and defined by the quality of your connections with the people in your life.  In business, your extended network in your family, in your friendships, and in intimate partnerships. How the energy enhances the quality of connection in relationships can transform your life.
  • Connecting With Your Mind – The mind is far more powerful most people recognize. The vibrations in this visualization will help you connect with the power of your mind to help you direct the energy towards your goals and achieve success in the Great 8.

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