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Essentials of Treating & Preventing Suicide Perspectives from the Experts

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Essentials of Treating & Preventing Suicide Perspectives from the Experts


Suicide. It’s one of the most stress-inducing topics you deal with in therapy, and most clinicians receive little formal training on this important issue.

But the fact is, almost every therapist will treat clients who are struggling with suicide…

…so you need to know what to do when your clients have suicidal ideation or a history of attempts.

Fortunately, there are new evidence-based models that were specifically designed to help clients move past suicidality.

Now in this unique online course, you’ll get special access to experience these strategies for yourself and learn the tools and knowledge you need to be effective in treating and preventing suicide.

Imagine if you could be the therapist who knows how to confidently treat clients experiencing suicidal ideation without resorting to unnecessary hospitalization


In this groundbreaking online course, you’ll get data-driven tools and strategies that will guide you in effectively treating the suicidal person — from case conceptualization to assessment and beyond.

You’ll gain the confidence you need to make the best decisions for even the most difficult clinical situations, such as:

    • Does my client really need to be hospitalized?


    • How do I do an assessment that actually helps my client rather than feels like an interrogation?


    • How do I know whether the level of suicidality is an immediate threat?


    • What do I do if my client shares that she/he has a suicide plan?


    • What do I do if my client attempts suicide during therapy, and does this mean that the therapy is ineffective?


    • How can I be effective AND keep my practice safe from legal problems?


  • And much more!


By the end of this advanced skills training, you will learn dozens of proven communication strategies and methods that will help your clients feel safe to open up to you about their thoughts, feelings, and experiences — no matter how severe their pain.

Dedicated clinicians like you are devoted to helping those who hurt the most.

Packed with tools that you can use with clients during their worst life crisis, this course will teach you how to handle the most challenging dilemmas that arise when a client is suicidal, including…

  • The power of therapeutically-driven assessment vs. Filling out forms for risk-management purposes
  • Inpatient or outpatient — what does the data tell us on medication and hospitalization? And clinical decision-making practices for knowing what to do.
  • The ethics of treating suicide — legal implications, confidentiality, privilege, privacy, and moreAn essential understanding of the best Evidence-based models for treating suicide, including CAMS, BCBT, and more, directly from the developers of these models.
  • The use of narrative-based assessments — and how it can provide comfort to clients in a time of crisis
  • Understanding the direct and indirect drivers of suicidal behaviors and how to create an effective treatment plan based on them.
This Online Course Features:


    • Five In-depth Interviews featuring the leading suicide treatment professionals in the field, including Craig Bryan, David Jobes, Stacey Freedenthal, and more!
    • Two BONUS Online Video Lectures — Take your suicide treatment skills to the next level with these Symposium workshop recordings.
    • Valuable PDF Resources, Handouts and Transcripts — You can use time and time again when working with even the most challenging cases
    • Up to 10 CE hours – Click here for CE credit details and Click here for course objectives and outline
  • Lifetime access to the course and all materials — Entirely self-paced and available in your office or on-the-go, this course is yours to keep forever in your professional library

When you finally know how to respond to clients who are struggling with suicidal thoughts, everything will change.

Here’s What You’ll Get with This Course

Get lifetime access to a comprehensive road map for navigating suicide assessment and treatment of those at risk for suicide. Get a front-row seat for 5 in-depth conversations with the nation’s leading experts — so you can quickly identify what treatment approaches will work best for your client population.
Session 1: The Brief Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (BCBT) Model with Craig Bryan, PsyD. ABPP
Many factors contribute to suicidality, with two of the primary vulnerabilities being cognitive rigidity and emotional dysregulation. Dr. Craig J. Bryan — leading national expert on military suicide — discusses Brief Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (BCBT), an innovative treatment approach with a strong empirical evidence base. Dr. Bryan shows you how the proven interventions in BCBT help clinicians stay calm and slow things down in session, as we work to help our clients build emotion regulation, crisis management skills, AND dismantle suicidal belief systems.

Session 2: The CAMS Care Model with David Jobes, PhD
Dr. David Jobes presents the CAMS Framework™ — a clinical philosophy of care offering clinicians a flexible suicide treatment model. One of the most widely used models for suicide treatment, CAMS (Collaborative Assessment & Management of Suicidality) practitioners can help suicidal clients discover lives of purpose and meaning in as few as 6 to 8 sessions.

Session 3: An Eclectic Practice Model for Suicidality with Stacey Freedenthal, PhD, LCSW
What if there were three words you could say to clients to get them to open up and speak freely about their suicidal thoughts and behaviors? Clinical suicidologist and psychotherapist Dr. Stacey Freedenthal shows us what these three words might be, emphasizes the importance of meeting clients where they are at emotionally, and will show you how to make therapy a conversation — not an interrogation. In this session, you’ll get a practical toolbox that covers risk assessment, safety planning, and treatment planning.

Session 4: Clinical Interviewing Skills for Suicidal Clients with John Sommers-Flanagan, PhD
During this in-depth video, Dr. John Sommers-Flanagan provides you with tools to guide your assessment and treatment planning with suicidal clients, including:
  • How the 7-Part Map: Suicide Dimensions for Treatment Planning enhances your ability to collaborate with clients
  • Why normalizing the client’s experience is critical to building the therapeutic alliance
  • The importance of directly asking clients about suicidal thoughts
  • Why assessment must be tied into the treatment plan
  • How empathy helps to reduce shame

Session 5: Legal, Ethical, & Documentation Issues with Nancy Wheeler, JD & Burt Bertram, LMFT
When treating suicidal clients, no clinician should feel they have to go it alone. And no clinician should feel obligated to practice outside of their competency. This informative video covers some of the most important issues regarding counseling a suicidal client — including proper documentation, informed consent, and where to begin if a client dies by suicide. This is a must-have session for any clinician who works with suicide.

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