[Pre-Order] FunShop 2007™, Dave Dobson videos, Focus Group™

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FunShop 2007™, Dave Dobson videos, Focus Group™

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FunShop 2007™, Dave Dobson videos, Focus Group™


FunShop 2007

This is the last FunShop™ Dr. David Dobson, creator of No-Fault Psychology™ and Other than Conscious Communication™, did with his professional/life partner Barbara Stepp as he transcended a few months later. Barbara helped him develop develop his life’s work and at his request now ‘rides herd’, carrying on his considerable life’s work in communication, psychology and hypnosis.

Content covers how to outgrow less than delightful patterns of behavior and automate the delightful, productive patterns you desire.
Included is this rare video are Metaphors, Metafives, How the mind works and much more! Barb demonstrates and explains what long-time attendees believe is the best effective Subjective Reversal ever and Dave does what he loves and is famous for: demonstrating, answering questions, exposing people to his considerable insight and skill from both his hospital bed and convalescence center as he recovers.


The Focus Group is the last time Dave spoke in public. It was a one-time event as he knew it was likely to be so, and, as a result, is more overt in the group. He answers questions more directly than ever and, as always, elegantly and consistently demonstrates OTCC™, NFP™ and conversational hypnosis at every opportunity.

Getting either of these individually can change lives; choosing to get both together is a no-brainer!

Please watch the four products in order — you’ll get much more out of the videos when you do. The FunShop™ covers the foundations and is a prerequisite to the Focus Group™, where Dave is more overt and answers questions. The Focus Group™ is the last time Dave spoke in public.


The product consists of 4 downloadable .zip files:

1.Intro to FunShop 2007 with Barb Stepp;

2. FunShop 2007;

3. FunShop 2007 with Dave Dobson, PhD, from hospital and rehab;

4. Focus Group in their Seminar Room.

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