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Jennifer Hoffman – Becoming 360 Energy Congruence

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Jennifer Hoffman – Becoming 360 Energy Congruence


Discover what it’s like to live your life in perfect alignment

with your intention, soul mission, and life purpose.

Dear Joy Seeker,

You have been living life on the sidelines, helping others, doing healing work, waiting and hoping that one day it would be your turn to shine, to be happy, to feel fulfilled. I know your story, for more than two decades I have coached and advised people just like you.

They hope that one day they will find the joy that they help others create in their lives.

Many struggle with trauma, secret sorrows, and silent tears. They feel sad, stuck, and confused.

I show them how to create masterful, empowered, and fulfilling lives simply by helping them learn how to re-align themselves with new energies that create new levels of alignment, re-calibrate their energy to frequencies and vibrations, and create congruence which is harmony and flow.

Teaching energetic congruence is one of my areas of expertise and I have been doing that since 2011. Becoming 360 is how I describe the process of moving from healing to wholeness to congruence and establishing divine harmony and energy flow.

Congruence is the key to joyful, joy-filled, empowered living. It is more than healing, it is more than wholeness, it is more than alignment, it is a state of energetic fit and flow. It is more than happiness, it is being in the energy of joy.

it’s also being free of limitations, frustrations, anxiety, and fear. Are you ready to create and harmony with my Becoming 360 method?


This program is for you if:

  • You have tried using affirmations, meditation techniques, energy clearing, read dozens of books, and you are still feeling unfocused, stuck, scared, or anxious about your life
  • You don’t know what your life purpose is and are afraid you’ll never get to fulfill it
  • You have a dream in your heart but you can’t seem to make it part of your reality
  • You know, deep in your soul, that there’s a better, more fulfilling way to live your life and you’re aching to get started

And if you want to live an awe-filled lifewhere every day abounds with an unlimited flow of amazing blessings (the kind you are really grateful for) and know true joy, fulfillment, and explore the unlimited potential that comes with energy mastery, you need to learn how to live from a 360 degree perspective.

When the old ways no longer work…

You can feel that the world is changing and you are being pulled in powerful new directions but you can’t do it in the ‘old ways’ and you can’t do it alone. You need to combine your intention with a greater awareness of your personal power, spiritual tools that make this process flow with grace and ease, and  you need to know how to access it regularly …

Was the last year a challenging one for you? Maybe the last 5 or 10 years were hard. And if you feel that way, you’re not alone. Hard years challenge our faith and trust and when those hard years seem to go on and on, you begin to lose your confidence that you’ll ever be able to change your life.

The Secret to Becoming 360 Congruence

Do you want to know the secret to mastering Becoming 360? It is a process of alignment, intention and integration, and mastery for abundance, wealth, and expansion. I call this AIM for AWE and that is what you will see in the Becoming 360 program.

Why? Because we have to learn to aim, or direct, our energy in new ways, learn how to master the art of intention  so your reality flows towards ever expanding potentials that manifest the things you want. Then you use integration strategies to make the necessary shifts in your energy field,  creating space for new energy, and acknowledge yourself as the Empowered Master that you are. Mastery is the result, so you can create Abundance, Wealth, and Expansion.

Then you can expand into greater aspects of yourself and explore your life from a full 360 degree perspective, where you aren’t distracted fear, drama, and doubt. Energetic congruence leads to emotional harmony.

When you live from a point of 360 energetic congruence all of the pieces of your energy fit and work together in harmony, and your life does too.  And you can AIM for AWE and have an awe-filled life.

You see, any time you’re ready to make a life change, you create a gap between where you are and where you want to be. The more unhappy you are right now, the bigger that gap becomes.This disrupts the flow of your energy and you have two choices:

You can fill the gap right now with whatever quick fix is handy – which could be the job you really don’t want to take, continuing the relationship that just doesn’t feel quite right, going to live with your mother, signing another lease in your dingy apartment… or

You can set a new intention and create a new pathway for your energy.

Are you in an Energy Gap?

And if you are in the energy gap between where you are now and where you want to be, you can feel confused and stuck. That’s because the energy isn’t flowing in harmony any longer. Have you ever felt that way?

You can bridge this gap using intention, re-visioning, re-aligning, and refocusing your energy so that you have congruence – harmony and flow and get into your Becoming 360 energy flow.

How do you make the best choices that will allow you to make the process of Becoming 360 easier, more rewarding, and fulfilling?

I can teach you how to do this, as I have taught these principles to millions of people since 2003.

You get the tools you need to be aligned with your empowered, congruent self, as you learn the Becoming 360 method to set intentions, integrate what you create into your life, manifest in a masterful way, embrace a wealthy, abundant, balanced life, and manage your energy to expand into new potentials and possibilities.

What is possible for you when everything is a possibility that moves your life into the expansive, joy-filled energy of your integrated 360 reality? The creation is up to you and I’ll teach you the tools, techniques, andmethods to get started.

Everything in the Becoming 360 program is delivered via audios, videos, worksheets, and easy to follow exercises that I deliver to you in our course center. You get a lesson a week for 7 weeks, plus live calls with me where you can ask questions, get support, and start to put the pieces of your congruent life together.  And everything can be downloaded to your personal digital media device or computer.

This course is for you if …

  •  Fear, frustration, anxiety, doubt, and worry are part of your everyday life and what you have been doing isn’t working any more (lots of people feel that way right now, you’re not alone)
  • You’re feeling that you aren’t living your true calling and you know there’s something greater for you to do, but you’re not sure what it is or how to begin
  • You’re ready to be confident, have faith, trust, and live from a place where you feel aligned with your soul mission and life purpose
  • You have read all of the books, done the meditations, used the affirmations, and followed the advice you have heard from coaches and teachers but it’s not coming together in a happy way for you.
  • You are frustrated by growing bills, an unfulfilling career or job, and not having the financial resources to pursue your dreams
  • You’re ready to stop being afraid that activating your higher power and Divine Source connection means you’re going to have to do something you don’t want to do, or it’s going to be scary or impossible.
  • You’re tired of feeling disconnected from God, Source, or Spirit, tired of feeling so alone, lonely, and unsupported, and you want to develop a balanced partnership with your higher power so it is actively working with you and you know it.

Are you ready to integrate 5D energy into your life and explore living from your divine congruence?  Let’s take the journey together and explore your 5D potential to create a life that is aligned, integrated, and divinely congruent.


There is a lot more detail about the Becoming 360™ Energy Congruence Mastery program on this page but if what you have read so far has you convinced that this is what you need to take your life to the next level of joy and harmony, you can register right now and get started to create your congruent life. Or you can continue reading and get more detailed information about each of the modules and what this fantastic program contains.

 Here’s what is included in the Becoming 360 Energy Congruence program:

7 lessons featuring audios, videos, and pre-work and worksheets for each class  Value $997

BONUS –  High Vibes Wealth™ training – How to Create Your Wealthy Life  $497 value

BONUS – Secrets of Mastering Your Connections Course  Value $397

7  detailed recordings of  Q&A calls with Jennifer  (over 10 hours of audio)  Value  $2900

3 LIVE  Q&A calls with Jennifer (dates/times to be announced)   Value $1997

1 BONUS Q & A call where you can ask me any questions about the program  Value $397

Everything is organized in a course module where you can access the files on your devices, download them to your personal digital device or computer, and you have 90 days of access to the course modules.

Early registration Equinox special – Save $400 off $997  REGISTRATION CLOSES Sept 30, 2019 at 12 midnight US EST

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