[Pre Order] John Overdurf – OHC in Action…Creating Resilience

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John Overdurf – OHC in Action…Creating Resilience

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John Overdurf – OHC in Action…Creating Resilience

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This a VERY rich demo which shows in no uncertain terms how deep, hypnotic work can be done inside a seemingly “up-time” coaching approach. You just have to know what to look for and I will show you how to do it!

What you’ll see and hear is a packed example of conversationally coaching coaching the unconscious mind, with commentary. This is a good really good one to study, as there’s a lot going on, I can assure you!

The Meta Pattern of All NLP Patterns

The structure of change used creatively throughout.

Stalking the wild synesthesia and base elements of the problem-This is the heart of any effective work and often overlooked.

Conversational elicitation of End State Energy. This is one way to resolve parts conflicts conversationally.

Clear and amazingly effective conversational anchoring techniques.

Elegant use of Directionalized Ambiguity and other hypnotic and non-linear language patterns.

Creative and precise use of language to activate heightened unconscious functioning, aka, trance, amnesia dissociation, unconscious signaling, etc.

Artistic use of metaphor and metaphor fragments.

How to use the client’s own life metaphors to install new strategies.

As bonus, I’ve included a TelecoachingU Master Class, State Bound for Change: Creating Resilience -which will take you through the main principles used in the demonstration. You’ll learn how to create change which “glides on the tendencies of the nervous system” which itself results in natural, robust change and “neurological resilience.” This was actually a TCU class where we analyzed the video you’ll get, complete with the manual for the class.