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Jovianarchive – Type Sexual Signatures

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Jovianarchive – Type Sexual Signatures

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We all have the potential for sexual fulfillment. However, most human beings don’t enter into bonds correctly. With most of the population being made up of Generators, this leaves much of the world giving off the energy of frustration and unfulfilled sexual intimacy. With Projectors, Manifestors, and Reflectors being vulnerable to this powerful sacral energy, bitterness, anger and disappointment also occur due to the amplification of this sexual frustration.

In Type Sexual Signatures, Ra Uru Hu humorously shares how experiencing fulfillment and well-being in our sex lives occurs by honoring the nature of our Aura. This is essential for reaching the unique sexual potential that results from each Type’s approach to entering into physical intimacy. Originally given at the 2008 Ibiza Event, this lecture is for anyone interested in the basics of how Type relates to sexual strategies and relationships.

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