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Lisa Nichols – Ignite Your Speaking and Writing

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Lisa Nichols – Ignite Your Speaking and Writing

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There are moments when I look around the speaker training industry and get so frustrated.

Frankly, there’s a massive void in the marketplace around training to become an artfulpowerfulimpactful speaker.

Sure, there are a ton of courses around how to make money from the stage, or how to write a talk, or how to speak for the first time.

But when it comes to the most important aspect of speaking — being able to touch and inspire a room, and using your story to change lives?

There’s a massive void.

Many courses claim to teach this stuff, but only offer top-line, barely substantial information. They dangle the carrot in front of you because the teacher doesn’t want to give their best secrets away.

… but I do.

Not just that: I want to make sure you learn it the absolute best way possible: Live with me, and voice to voice. From anywhere.

That’s why I created Ignite Your Speaking & Writing.

It’s part self-study training, part community, and part hands-on coaching with me, alongside an exclusive tribe of speakers from around the world.

The goal? To help you not just be a better speaker — but a true, impactful artist on the stage.

If you want to take your speaking, business, and life to the next level?

I welcome you to join me.

You don’t even have to leave your home.

I created this program so I could offer my highest tier of support to more people, without making you get on a plane.

Over the course of the training program and 8 Live Coaching Calls, you’ll get heart-to-heart feedback and tools directly from me, along with the absolute best techniques and speaker strategies that used to only be available at my top-tier speaker training intensive.

Ignite Your Speaking & Writing is all about teaching you how to be an extraordinary artist on stage, and a whip-smart entrepreneur offstage, as you learn how to truly turn your speaking into a powerful revenue-generator for your business.

Now the only question is: Are you ready to take your speaking to the next level?

It would be my absolute honor to support you directly.

Inside this Groundbreaking Program, You Will Learn How To:

Elevate your Speaking Impact and Artistry
You’ll learn the techniques I only share with my highest level students (including a behind-the-scenes look at my own “secret sauce”, so you can captivate any room you walk in to).

Increase your Revenue
We’re going in on this one. I’ll get down and dirty around the systems and formulas that have turned my business into a multi-million dollar brand (including true stories I’ve never shared with the public before).

Increase your Ability to Inspire People
Giving a brilliant talk is one thing, but offering lessons and insights that can change lives is another. I’m here to teach you the latter. If you play full out, your talent as a transformative speaker will automatically elevate because of this training!

Increase your Business
I’ve watched speaking completely change the businesses, bank accounts, and lives of gladiators year after year. Inside Ignite Your Speaking, we go even deeper into this work.

Connect with fellow speakers
Not only will you get personal coaching from me, but you’ll also be in a close-knit community of gladiators from around the world who’ve already trained with me in some way, who can give you invaluable feedback, support, and more.

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