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Louise Carr – Survival to Mastery – Futures in Action

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Louise Carr – Survival to Mastery – Futures in Action

Salepage : Louise Carr – Survival to Mastery – Futures in Action

Course Objectives

Futures traders are normally looking for ways to be exposed to diverse markets such as Equity Indices, Commodities, Metals, Treasuries, Currencies, Agricultural products and more in a trading environment that almost never stops (up to 23 hours per day – 5 days per week).

The idea is to master the use of leverage in such diversified environment where, when done properly, it increases the level of performance as well as safety in the such financial markets.

This course will teach you and have you master everything you need to know about the specifics of futures as an asset with its own unique terminology and characteristics.

Once in a place where the instructor and the students speak the same language, the course will dive deeper into risk management applied to futures as well as the importance of managing our human emotions when trading.

Probably the most exciting part of the course is when all comes together in the form of a specific rule-based mechanical and objective trading methodology that will assist students to define entries and exits from now on.

In order to make learning and trading more efficient as well as saving time, the course will rely on the use of trading technology which could then either be used by itself or combined with other methodologies as well.

When attending this course you would meet new traders looking to develop a method and trade in their initial stages as well as more experienced traders refining what they already know about trading to take their processes and performance to the next level.

Key Concepts

  • Speak futures terminology
  • Understand how the futures markets work
  • Master the use of leverage
  • Implement a risk management plan
  • Manage your own trading psychology
  • Develop a complete trading methodology
  • Fast-forward learning and save time with trading technology

What’s Included

  • 16 hours of LIVE delivery
  • 7 days of efficient learning from Saturday to Friday
  • 3 hours per day over the weekend and 2 hours per day during the weekdays
  • Unlimited Access to Recordings to watch, re-watch and review
  • Reinforcement Sessions each week for the Traddictiv Channel subscribers
  • Documentation and flowcharts to follow the trading methods easily
  • Unrestricted archive and live retake access for courses

Course Syllabus

  • Trading Expectations
  • Trading Technology
  • Trading Styles
  • Entries and Exits
  • Market Climate
  • Order Flow
  • Market News and Reports
  • Risk Management and Sizing
  • Futures Market Terminology

  • Futures Market Mechanics

  • Edge Time-Frames
  • Trading Methodology
  • Trade Managements
  • Logging Trades
  • Trading Psychology

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