[Pre-Order] Lynn Waldrop – Endocrine Set

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Lynn Waldrop – Endocrine Set

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Lynn Waldrop – Endocrine Set

Salepage: Lynn Waldrop – Endocrine Set

Set of 3 weighted forks used to re-tune the Nervous System of the body.

Rebooting the Nervous System: This simple process has given clients relief from a tilted pelvis, hearing and eyesight loss, insomnia, mental fogginess, no or reduced back and neck pain, a gain in movement of head and extremities, correction of Bowling Ball Syndrome, and much MORE. Rebooting the Nervous System opens the cerebrospinal pump and resets the nitric oxide pump in the cells which allows the body to generate all kinds of healing and relief. These forks are also used to re-boot the Meridan System of the body.

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