[Pre-Order] Lynn Waldrop – Human Organ Set

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Lynn Waldrop – Human Organ Set

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Lynn Waldrop – Human Organ Set

Salepage: Lynn Waldrop – Human Organ Set

The Human Organ tuning fork set contains 15 individual forks:

*Thanks to Barbara Hero at the Lamboda Institute who researched and found that each of our organs vibrate at a particular frequency – when healthy!

Adrenals & Thyroid ….. 492.80 Hz

Bladder ….. 352.00 Hz

Blood ….. 321.90 Hz

Bone ….. 418.30 Hz

Brain ….. 315.80 Hz

Colon ….. 176.00 Hz

Fat Cells ….. 295.80 Hz

Gall Bladder ….. 164.30 Hz

Intestines ….. 281.00 Hz

Kidneys ….. 319.88 Hz

Liver …..317.83 Hz

Lungs ….. 220.00 Hz

Muscles ….. 324.00 Hz

Pancreas ….. 117.30 Hz

Stomach ….. 110.00 Hz

Learn how to use the Human Organ forks to vibrate your organs back to health! In Our Tuning Fork Certification Program Level 2 we re-boot the Endocrine, Meridian and Human Organ Systems of the body. The endocrine system uses hormones to tell the entire body what to do and when. If these systems are not functioning properly the body cannot possibly be operating at peak performance and problems such as these can occur: high blood pressure or heart rate, insomnia, pain, hypoglycemia or diabetes, thyroid problems, PMS or menopause issues, and many more!

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