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Marisa Peer – Abundance Bundle

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Marisa Peer – Abundance Bundle


Watch your self-esteem soar, your money mindset change and your lovability rise as you use the power of hypnosis to unlock limitless abundance in your life. 

Marisa Peer’s Abundance Bundle brings together three best-selling hypnosis audios, giving you a unique opportunity to use hypnosis to transform every area of your life.

Save $49 when you access all three of these courses as a bundle.

Gain access to these three hypnosis audios when you unlock this bundle.


#1) Confidence and Self-Esteem [VALUE $49]

Self-esteem is what you think about yourself. When you feel confident and have high self-esteem you are able to attract and maintain amazing relationships, occupations and friendships.

Marisa Peer’s “Confidence and Self-Esteem” hypnosis audio course will help you to transform your mindset, helping you to boost your self-esteem and achieve phenomenal confidence in yourself


#2) Lovability [VALUE $49]

The feeling of believing we are not lovable or not lovable enough affects everything that we do – our jobs, our relationships, and our opinion of ourselves

Reprogramming and rewiring your mind from within, this hypnosis audio course will help to increase your lovability so you can attract and keep love. Your mind will be rewired so you believe that to attract love you don’t have to take anything away or add anything to your life.


#3) Wealth Wiring [VALUE $49]

The feeling of not having enough wealth and not being able to attract wealth is almost always rooted in a feeling of what you are worth. This hypnosis audio course will help you to transform your thinking and attitude to your self-worth from within. It will help you to feel more valuable, more confident in yourself and the prosperity you can attract.


These three hypnotic audio courses will help you to change the way you think about yourself, your lovability and your worth. The audios will guide you into hypnosis, where, with your mind ready to accept change you will rewire and reprogram your mind to instil unshakeable, unwavering confidence that you are enough.


It is highly recommended that you listen to each audio for at least 21 days to fully rewire the changes in your mind.


As you complete this course you will notice that you start to feel different. You will notice that you begin to feel more confident in yourself and your sense of self-esteem is higher. You will notice that you feel more lovable and you will also note that your sense of self-worth has increased.



Who is the Abundance Bundle for? 

The Abundance Bundle is perfect for you if you are looking to use hypnosis to experience a profound transformation in all areas of your life.

How Long Is Each Hypnosis?

25 minutes

How Long Should I Listen To Each Audio For?

At least 21 days

How Will I Get Access To The Bundle?

Bundle access details are sent to your email address immediately after purchase. Please allow up to ten minutes for them to arrive.

You Can Also Unlock Access To Each Of These Audios Individually

Confidence and Self-Esteem


Wealth Wiring

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