[Pre Order] Melissa Ingold – Project Kit: 6-Figure Course Empire! How to Create & Sell $97 Products Every Single Month

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Melissa Ingold – Project Kit: 6-Figure Course Empire! How to Create & Sell $97 Products Every Single Month

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Melissa Ingold – Project Kit: 6-Figure Course Empire! How to Create & Sell $97 Products Every Single Month

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Kiss the Chronic Hustle for Clients Goodbye and Build a Successful Course-Based Business Today (Without Charging More than a Designer Bag or Exhausting Yourself with a Massive Launch)!

Hey gorgeous!

I have a question for you: Do you want to make six figures in your business this year?

I know, I know. Do I really need to ask?

Most visionary women I talk to absolutely want to rake in six figures – or more – with the meaningful, heart-centered, one-to-one work they’re doing in the world.

But there’s just one problem: They aren’t.

Instead, most of them are:

Working 1:1 or in small groups, but still hustling like mofos to hit meager income goals (and therefore not living the not-so-meager lives they imagined!)

Feeling the twinge of burnout & boredom that comes from constantly delivering the same information over & over to clients…for years

Stuck in a constant state of anxiety thanks to their monthly Stripe or PayPal income reports, which are as unpredictable as their own moods

Enviously watching in awe as other entrepreneurs kill it with online courses (although you don’t exactly love the “massive launch” model these entrepreneurs use)

If you know you need to make a major change to your business model to make the big bucks (not to mention the big impact) you’re after…

If you know you’re stretched to the limit & literally can’t take on any more one-on-one clients (although that is your main – or only -moneymaker right now)

And if you also know you’d love to reach more people with online courses like all those “other” entrepreneurs – if only you could do it without a huge exhausting launch (because you can’t handle that right now)

You’re in the right place.

Big launches that would absolutely leave you depleted & drained on top of your client work

Selling jam-packed courses with enormous price tags upwards of $1k (read: the kinda prices that make a designer handbag look like a “total steal”)

Using fancy and complicated funnels and (at least seemingly) pouring buckets of cash into Facebook ads (which you know can be a total crapshoot)

Only holding these massive launches a few times a year, sometimes with 100s of affiliates to manage on the back-end

Ready to Learn How to Flip the Script on the High-End Course Model and Make Just as Much Money by Offering a New Low-Cost $97 Course to Your Audience Every Month – No Huge, Headache-Inducing Launches Required?

Sound about right?

Well, let me let you in on a big, juicy secret:

You actually don’t have to charge thousands, do a hefty launch or pour every dollar in your name into ads (that may or may not convert) to create a profitable course-based business!

I know from the outside it looks like “most” successful course creators do all of the above.

But there IS another tried-and-tested way to make an awesome income with courses – and it doesn’t require a huge, exhausting and pocket -draining launch – EVER!

Hallelujah for that!

If You’re Ready to Truly Scale Your Biz“6-Figure Course Empire! How to Create & Sell $97 Products
Every Single Month”
 Project Kit Can Help!

If You’re Bursting with Excitement at the Mere Thought of Creating Your Own Online Empire with Low-Cost Products, then this “6-Figure Course Empire!: How to Create & Sell $97 Products Every Single Month” Project Kit is for You!

This Kit Includes a Step-by-Step Marketing Plan + Templates + Checklists to Help You AND Your Assistant Tackle Your To-Do List with Ease!

Many of the documents in this project kit come in .docx format so that you can customize them to your business needs, and add in any additional information you’d like to include.

But here’s the sweet part: All you have to do is customize the plan to your specific business goals and needs and hand it off to your assistant, confident she’ll know EXACTLY what to do the ENTIRE MONTH.

And then, you can let out a sweet sigh of relief, confident that stuff’s actually gonna get it done…and finally book that much-needed mani/pedi (without guilt).

This Step-by-Step Plan Covers: (.doc format)

  • Getting Started
    • Marketing Strategy Overview
    • Timeline & Budget
  • Section 1: Create Your 6-Figure Empire Master Plan
    • Step 1: Get crystal clear on my business goals and direction
    • Step 2: Narrow your audience so that your marketing and course POP
    • Step 3: How to speak directly to my ideal readers wants and needs
  • Section 2: Uncover Your Best Money-Making Product-Suite Ideas
    • Step 4: Help me tune into my zone of genius
    • Step 5: Identify the type of products you can create, offer and sell easily to your audience
    • Step 6: Validating my blockbuster course idea
  • Section 3: Choose the Right Pricing and Business Model to Build the Business and Life You Imagine
    • Step 7: Create your 12-month revenue plan for your course
    • Step 8: How to choose the right next-level offers that can easily double the revenue from your online course without more students
    • Step 9: How to quickly choose the course price point and decide what you need to include to make it an easy “YES” for your audience
    • Step 10: Quickly outline your course… without getting lost in the weeds
    • Step 11: How to work backwards in planning your content and outline
    • Step 12: Pre-launch the course to build massive anticipation & boost sales
    • Step 13: Create hype: Warm-up your audience
    • Step 14: Open your sales window and bring in the money

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