[Pre Order] Melissa Ingold – Project Kit: Money Calendar! How to Plan, Map Out, and Schedule Your Income Generating Content & Pro

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Melissa Ingold – Project Kit: Money Calendar! How to Plan, Map Out, and Schedule Your Income Generating Content & Pro

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Melissa Ingold – Project Kit: Money Calendar! How to Plan, Map Out, and Schedule Your Income Generating Content & Pro

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Want to Know How to Plan, Create and Schedule Promotional Content that Puts Money in Your Pocket Every Single Month?

My “Money Calendar: How to Plan, Map Out, and Schedule Your Income Generating Content & Promotions” Project Kit Could be for You!

Hey there gorgeous!

Do any of these sound like you?

“I know I’m supposed to have a content strategy, but I don’t even know where to start!”

“I’m too busy to schedule out my promotions in advance. I just write content when I can, add a call to action at the end and hope for the best!”

“I really wish I could do more and make more with the content I create. I just don’t know how to leverage it, so I don’t do anything at all.”

“I honestly don’t know what I’m going to offer month to month, so how can I create content in advance–let alone hire anyone to help me create it?”

“Honestly, creating content is super overwhelming. How do people do all this alone?”

If so, I see you. I get you. And I’ve got a truthbomb:

Creating Quality Promotional Content that Actually Brings in the Ca-Ching IS Possible

You know the saying, “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail”? It couldn’t be more true–especially when it comes to pumping out income-generating content online.

Let’s get real: Did you know millions of pieces of content go up every second?

You read that right. MILLIONS. Every. Single. Second.

But here’s the deal…

While creating and posting content is half the battle, putting out content that also puts money in the pockets of your paperbag waist pants–in a sustainable way–takes intention.

But let’s back up.

The majority of entrepreneurs approach content marketing all wrong.

They have drool-worthy offers, but to be honest, they don’t actually know what they’re promoting, when they’re promoting it or how to write tantalizing content to promote it properly (read: in a way that equals sales).

Instead, their “content strategy” looks like this:

They wake up on Monday morning, slap together some “good enough” content, put a random call to action at the bottom (because that’s what you do, right?) then immediately (and haphazardly) post it on a few platforms–with nothing more than a wish & a prayer to back up this “strategy.”

Eek. Sound familiar?

Unfortunately, this “non-plan” keeps you stuck in a sucky cycle where you can never truly get a handle on your content marketing–or even accurately predict your income each month. (Because how can you know how much cash might come in, when you don’t even know what you’re promoting and when?)

The truth is, when you don’t have a clear content and promotions calendar, it means:

Debating over and over in your head where to post (Instagram? Facebook? Facebook and Instagram? What about Twitter?)

Struggling to find “the right words” that you know will speak to your ideal clients and sell them

Going back & forth about what to actually offer and when (“I’m going to sell my mini-course this month! Or maybe it’d be better to promote my one-on-one services…”)

Wasting loads of time every month manually scheduling content (and not actually know when and where it ‘should’ go out)

Leaving major money on the table because your content isn’t reaching enough people or being repurposed to flood your Stripe account with cash (as it should!)

This Step-by-Step Plan Covers: (.doc format)

  • Getting Started
    • Marketing Strategy Overview
    • Timeline & Budget
  • Section 1: Planning Is Paramount! Create an Aligned Plan to Boost Your Income

    • Step 1: Want Massive Revenue? This Step Is Often Overlooked
    • Step 2: Generate $$$ Easily with Your Product Suite
    • Step 3: Show Up Soulfully and Build Authentic Relationships
  • Section 2: Map Out Your Cash Calendar to Catapult Your Revenue
    • Step 4: Plot Your Promotions into an Editorial Calendar for Maximum Profit
    • Step 5: Hammer-in Your Knowledge and Pack a Punch with Supporting Content
    • Step 6: Tap into Your Drool-Worthy Content for A Lucrative Bottom Line
    • Step 7: Prepare for Your Client’s Journey to Up-level Their Buying Power
  • Section 3: Automation Makes Scheduling Easy So You Can Serve Your Tribe More
    • Step 8: Tool Stack Your Business to be Everywhere at Once Without Leaving Your Cozy Bed
    • Step 9: Discover the Social Tool That Will Make Showing Up Ridiculously Easy
    • Step 10: Arm Your Funnel with Compelling Offers for Easy Profits
  • Section 4: Build on Your Success and Magnify Your Revenue

    • Step 11: Evaluate Your Progress to Elevate Your Future Earning Potential

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