[Pre-Order] Michael Davis Golzmane – Clear 67 Health-Blocking Curses Inherited from your Ancestors and Created in Past Lives on the Most Important and Powerful Day of the Year to Clear Curses (Originally Recorded July 2020)

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Davis Golzmane – Clear 67 Health-Blocking Curses Inherited from your Ancestors and Created in Past Lives on the Most Important and Powerful Day of the Year to Clear Curses (Originally Recorded July 2020)

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Davis Golzmane – Clear 67 Health-Blocking Curses Inherited from your Ancestors and Created in Past Lives on the Most Important and Powerful Day of the Year to Clear Curses (Originally Recorded July 2020)

Salepage: Davis Golzmane – Clear 67 Health-Blocking Curses Inherited from your Ancestors and Created in Past Lives on the Most Important and Powerful Day of the Year to Clear Curses (Originally Recorded July 2020)

Curses are basically self-fulfilling prophecies that are often accepted subconsciously and automatically from other people’s words, thoughts, and actions, or from our own inherited spiritual and physical DNA.

Curses are just forms of subconscious energy that we are unconsciously allowing to have power over us. They have power because they are operating beneath the surface, in our spiritual DNA and subconscious mind. They are not so much happening “to you” (meaning that you are not a victim of someone else’s energy), as they are part of the karma you have chosen to work through in this life.

We don’t have to clear curses by trying to fight someone else’s energy, or trying to stop someone from doing something to you. What we have to do is to resolve the reasons within you why you are accepting the curses and holding onto them. You truly do have the power.

Curses can be part of your ancestral karma, also from this and from past lives, and from biological as well as non-biological ancestors.

Curses only hurt you to the extent you are unaware that you’ve given your power away to something or someone external.

As soon as you (or in the case of this clearing, your Higher Self) identifies all the ways you have dissociated your own Divine Power through unacknowledged curses, an inner correction is made, and you step more fully into what was always yours in the first place — the Divine living in, through, and as you.

This clearing is special because it is happening on a special once-a-year astrological timing known as “Naga Panchami”, the annual traditional Vedic peak timing in which curses can be removed.

The special astrology of this day allows a greater opening and potential for clearing the curses in our ancestral lineages, as they also come forward to be cleared.

If you truly want to be free of all restrictions in this life, you simply have to commit to regularly working with clearing your ancestors and lineages.  This is an ongoing process, and cannot be accomplished all at once.

In this clearing, we are going to be doing clearing work with dozens or hundreds of generations of your ancestors AND for you.  And — whatever your ancestors clear is automatically gifted to you instantaneously.

We are going to clear near infinite amounts of karma and curses, and the ripple effect of this clearing for healing the energy that is holding us seemingly hostage to health conditions that seem hopeless will be truly immense.

Spiritually-speaking, the only reason why we get sick is because our soul “needs” the condition for its (or someone else’s) evolution.

The work of spiritual clearing around health is to create and reveal the inner space where healing can be accepted and realized.  It is only when this inner space of release has been revealed within that what we term “health” can be further revealed in physical form.

The outer always follows the inner.

These are the reasons why some people cannot find health no matter what healing methods are available, but others can reveal health sometimes with no particular methods — seemingly spontaneously, or quickly.

Dis-ease is a learning process, but ultimately, the need for the learning experience itself stems from a misalignment of energy within the soul, and accumulation of unresolved karma.

Remember that the physical world is not what it seems.  People just don’t “get” things.  Conditions are dictated by consciousness — individual and collective.

Here are the specific curses (and blessings) we are going to work with in this upcoming clearing:

Revoking, clearing, and alchemizing the following agreements, vows, programs, karma, and beliefs:

  1. agreements to be sick for some purpose

  2. vows to deny your power, to hide your gifts

  3. vows to “glorify God” by being sick

  4. being sick will make me spiritual

  5. being sick is what God wants for me

  6. being sick is my purpose

  7. hidden reasons and agendas for not getting well, not wanting to get well, not being willing to get well

  8. reasons why you chose not to send more of your lifeforce and Divine Energetic Consciousness into this present body and lifetime

  9. being sick because I don’t want to face some aspect of myself

  10. being sick helps me avoid feeling — and helps me retain resentment, emotional pain, anger from past hurts

  11. addictions, bindings, investment in, and commitment to vested identity in perception of past hurts

  12. being sick keeps me from processing “unknown” feelings of the past, and this in some way “protects me”

  13. sickness as a defense against the Truth (A Course In Miracles)

  14. sickness as a way to protect myself from the Truth of my being, from my emotions, from facing things, from dealing with things, from standing up for myself, from speaking up, for asserting myself, for admitting to myself what I truly want from life and from my relationships, work life, and other situations

  15. sickness as an accumulation of unprocessed emotional, mental, and spiritual pain from this and from past lives

  16. sickness stemming from a lack of desire to actually be here in the physical world and physical body at all

  17. sickness as a way of not showing up authentically in life

  18. sickness as a way of “not rocking the boat” of my family, my religion, other people’s expectations, etc.

Resolving subconscious and inherited limiting beliefs that are blocking your health from emerging:

  1. No pain — no gain

  2. There isn’t a cure for what I have going on.

  3. This must just be my karma.

  4. I can’t be healthier than my doctor — or the dominant paradigm, medical model, etc. — says I can.

  5. If I get better, I’ll upset: my spouse, my parents, my children, my life, my career, etc.

  6. It’s God’s will for me to be sick.

  7. I’m helpless to heal myself.

  8. As you get older, you just get sicker.

  9. “It” just runs in my family.

  10. I’m prone to get colds, flus, sick, allergies, “the bug that’s going around”, etc.

  11. I have “the gene” to get cancer, etc.

  12. I don’t have enough money to heal.

  13. I don’t have enough time to heal.

  14. I don’t have enough energy to heal.

  15. My illness is a punishment.

  16. I live in a hostile universe.  Life is always against me.

  17. Why does everything always go wrong for me?

Resolving and clearing blocks to the following positive states of belief and vibration:

  1. My body heals easily and quickly.

  2. It is safe for me to be totally well.

  3. I am always guided quickly and easily to the next step of my healing process.

  4. I live in a Loving Universe.  Life is for me, and supports my highest and best expression.

  5. My body, mind, emotions, and spirit flow like a great river of health.

  6. I am ready, willing, and able to NOW resolve and release all causes of current health challenges.

  7. I release the need for this condition.

  8. It is safe and joyful for me to fully inhabit and enjoy my body and my life.

We will the clear your subconscious of the following limiting “health curses” that may be limiting your progress in healing, and your ability to transcend the spiritual need for illnesses in the future:

  1. there’s no cure

  2. morphic field identification and resonance with everyone else who “has” your condition, creating further difficulty in healing

  3. that’s terminal

  4. You have ___ months/years to live

  5. things will keep getting worse for you

  6. what you have is chronic, and will never go away

  7. what you have is “progressive”

  8. healing is going to take lots of time and lots of money

  9. you won’t be able to afford the types of treatments you need

  10. the doctor knows everything, but you are just an “amateur”

  11. people don’t recover from what you have

  12. you actually have a “disease” that is affecting you

  13. you just have bad genes

  14. you have high risk-factors for _____

  15. you have a family history of ____

  16. I’ll never heal.

  17. I don’t have the money, time, or energy to heal.

Self-programmed “curses” that prevent us from letting go and healing:

  1. I’m not going to be able to handle all this unconscious old “stuff” when it comes up.

  2. I’m just a fundamentally flawed, terrible person at my core.

  3. I shouldn’t have had that issue in the first place.

  4. When these old issues come up, all of my self-blame and self-hatred is also going to come up.

  5. Who I Am is wrong, bad, and unloveable at my core.

  6. I can’t release the blame I’m holding on others, because that means they will get away with all the pain they’ve caused me.  Who will hold them accountable?

  7. I’d rather be in pain — and be “right” — than be free and forgive.

Benefits to doing this clearing on this date:

  • improve the general welfare of you and your family

  • improve overall abundance

  • help safeguard yourself from poisonous influences on many levels: physical, emotional, and spiritual (including helping resolve the karma of drug addiction and other intoxicants)

  • get rid of curses accrued from the ancestors via your soul genetics

  • enable you and your family to carry more positive spiritual DNA

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