[Pre-Order] Michael Davis Golzmane – Clearing Deep Shame & Guilt Around Money

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Michael Davis Golzmane – Clearing Deep Shame & Guilt Around Money

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Michael Davis Golzmane – Clearing Deep Shame & Guilt Around Money

Salepage: Michael Davis Golzmane – Clearing Deep Shame & Guilt Around Money

Money is a funny thing…

We all need it. We all want it. And yet, it can sometimes elude us–even as we’re on a spiritual path.

Being on a spiritual path (as all reading this are) can make the search for money attraction more interesting, but sometimes also more frustrating.

We are more aware of spiritual technologies, the Law of Attraction, and the power of Spirit to bring us our desires, and yet our subconscious programming can often tell us “you can’t have both God and money”, or “it’s more holy to be poor”, or “rich people are selfish”.

If we have these beliefs, even at any level of our subconscious being, we can thwart our attraction of money.

If we believe that God and money cannot co-exist harmoniously, then, in order to be psychologically consistent, we will always sabotage one of these areas in order to have the other.

We will choose our spiritual path–or we will choose money.

But it doesn’t have to be this way.

Lack of Money and issues of deep shame and guilt are often highly correlated. Sexual shame. Past failures. Unresolvd guilt with our parents. Feel unsupported by Life.

Money is associated with the 2nd chakra, the sacral center. This chakra is also associated with “being in the flow”, sexuality, relationships, creativity, well-being, deservedness, pleasure.

All these issues are related. If we are holding on one of these areas, it’s likely the other areas are also affected.

Psychologically, we might be thinking of nothing else but getting more money, but emotionally and spiritually, we might not be in a place where we can really receive.

The Universe needs to see allowing, freedom, relaxation into well-being, and active channels of receptivity in our being in order to pour Its money into us, but if it only sees discordant beliefs, unsolved past issues, and self-sabotage, money can’t show up.

The Universe needs us to clear up our vibration around money. Much of our discordant vibration around money is subconscious and from past lives, and so it’s difficult to approach it through conscious work alone.

This product contains 7 deep clearings for releasing the deep shame and guilt blocking money from showing up in your life. Do join me.

But even if you do this inner clearing work, you will still need to create a space internally and externally where money can show up. Money can’t show up if you’re doing work you don’t love. Money needs you to do the leg work to get into identifying and activing your unique giftedness, and flowing those gifts outward in service.

Money requires service. Money requires you to be in the flow.

Money requires you to be equally as concerned about helping and serving others as you are about having your own needs met. Money requires you to be open to receive, but it also requires you to be in the flow of giving–giving your gifts with authenticity, bigness, boldness, and authority.

If you do this month’s clearings AND do the outer work to shift your physical reality, you can begin to see more money flow into your experience.

This is a partnership. I am partnering with you in facilitating these clearings, and you are partnering with the Universe, with your unique gifts, partnering heaven and earth, partnering spiritual clarity with physical earthplane action.

The Universe needs you to step out into the flow of greater expression of abundance.

I offer you the opportunity of this month’s clearings to help ease your journey.

Money blessings to you!


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