[Pre-Order] Murphy Henry – Soldier’s Joy and Other Banjo Favorites

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Murphy Henry – Soldier’s Joy and Other Banjo Favorites

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Murphy Henry – Soldier’s Joy and Other Banjo Favorites

Salepage : Murphy Henry- Soldier’s Joy and Other Banjo Favorites

Okay, now that you can play in C—without a capo—let’s learn how to drop that fourth string down to a C note to add a bassy sound to your playing. (And give you more note choices.) “Home Sweet Home” and “Farewell Blues” both rely on this extra-low note. Also, fiddle and mandolin players love the key of D. If you want to jam with them you’ll have to meet them on their own turf. “Soldier’s Joy” and “Liberty” are two of their favorites. Learn them in C (with that essential low note) then slap on the capo at the second fret to play in D. No longer will there be any reason to leave the jam session just because the fiddlers arrive! No Tab.

Soldier’s Joy, Liberty, Home Sweet Home, Farewell Blues, and Old Spinning Wheel. (2 hours)

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The Murphy Method is a way of teaching bluegrass music BY EAR. We use no tablature in our teaching because we believe tablature is a crutch that interferes with learning to play bluegrass. We explain each song note by note, so that it is easy and quick to learn. As you learn these tunes, you are also developing your ear, so that learning actually gets easier as you go along!

We hope you will soon be joining the thousands of Murphy Method students all over the world who are learning to play bluegrass the Murphy Method way. One reason our Method is so successful is that we work with you slowly, one step at a time. First you will be learning the easy songs, which will provide a solid foundation. Then you will move onto harder songs, which won’t seem so hard because you will have already learned the basics.

Many of our students tell us that the Murphy Method is the fastest, easiest, most enjoyable way to learn that they have ever tried. And the facts speak for themselves: our students are learning to play!

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