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Peter Levine on Somatic Trauma Treatment – Peter Levine

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Peter Levine on Somatic Trauma Treatment – Peter Levine

What if the traumatic event wasn’t the cause of trauma? It’s time to rethink trauma by looking to the body’s memory of the event, not the mind’s interpretation of the story.

As a therapist, you know the invisible wounds of trauma are often the most painful and difficult to heal. You want to help your clients repair their wounds, but nothing you try is healing their emotional scars.

Find lasting relief for your clients with Peter Levine’s Somatic Experiencing (SE)® method. Somatic Experiencing® is the result of over forty years of observation, research and development, and now you can learn to apply the body-oriented techniques to your practice with this powerful online course: Peter Levine on Somatic Trauma Treatment.

When you sign up today, you’ll have a front row seat to see Peter in session with Ray, an Operation Iraqi Freedom veteran suffering from severe PTSD, a traumatic brain injury and Tourette-like convulsions. In just five sessions, you’ll see how Peter’s somatic approach to resolving trauma provided a 90% drop in convulsions, improved sleep and decreased nightmares for Ray.

If you’re ready to radically improve the lives of your patients, repair wounds, and provide them with stability and peace, don’t wait! Sign up today and gain new tools to integrate and add richness to your current trauma treatment plans.

In this comprehensive online training, Somatic Experiencing® founder Peter Levine, Ph.D., will guide you step-by-step through six sessions of in-depth training to teach you the essentials of his powerful, body-oriented approach. Then you’ll discover the power of Somatic Experiencing® by seeing it in action through real-life in-session videos — so you will be prepared to incorporate the transformative power of Peter Levine’s approach in your practice.

Here’s what’s covered in each section:

Peter Levine PhD on Trauma: How the Body Releases Trauma and Restores Goodness

Join international trauma expert and author, Peter A. Levine, Ph.D. to learn how sensation-based (as opposed to emotional or rational) treatment is the key to finding relief from trauma, and how to slowly uncouple fear from the natural immobility state. Through six easy-to-follow sessions, you’ll learn Peter’s nine principles in successful trauma healing, all told through his own successful renegotiation of a personal traumatic event. You’ll also complete an in-depth review of how trauma is related to the ethnological concept of tonic immobility, the importance of the so-called “primitive” Vagus system, and how its connections through the viscera and body are a key ally in trauma therapy.

In Session — Resolving Trauma in Psychotherapy: A Somatic Approach

Watch a true master, Dr. Peter A. Levine, demonstrate a course of body-oriented trauma therapy in this extremely compelling with an Iraq Veteran (Ray) diagnosed with severe PTSD. Working with Ray’s presenting symptoms over the course of five sessions, Levine introduces a number of essential trauma resolution techniques that markedly improve Ray’s Tourette-like convulsions, as well as his overall pain and emotional outlook.

Levine developed Somatic Experiencing® based on the premise that trauma overwhelms the nervous system and that it needs to be addressed somatically before emotional processing is possible. Levine helps to elucidate the subtleties of his methods through commentary of his in-session recordings as well as an extensive interview.

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