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Rachael Hunt – Money Mindset Mastery

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Rachael Hunt – Money Mindset Mastery


Become That Rich Bish in 8 Weeks

put down that manifestation book, press pause on that podcast, stop repeating those mantras, and learn what it really takes to attract money.

Raise your hand if you’ve:

  • daydreamed endlessly about this wealthy, abundant & boujee lifestyle but you’re starting to lose faith it will ever happen
  • written (and rewritten) manifestations hoping that this time they will actually materialize
  • attempted to follow what the new age books say, but it still feels like you’re missing something
  • said the following “I can’t afford that” “it’s too expensive” “I wish I could do/have that”
  • been terrified to look at your bank account because you honestly don’t know if you have enough to buy even the basics
  • let fear, doubt, lack mentality, limiting beliefs/stories, and self sabotage dictate your financial situation

But what if instead you:

  • woke up from that daydream and realized that you co-created your Freedom Life
  • took inspired action toward that dream car, Malibu beach house, or first-class vacation following a proven method
  • had the financial freedom to say YES – choice is so chic!
  • get excited to check your bank account to discover you have even more than you expected
  • got out of your own damn way and rewrote a new money blueprint that matches your first-class life


8+ Freedom Trainings

over 10 hours of video & audio content for you to work through at your own pace, including meditations & hypnosis

Custom Workbooks

keep up and stay organized with simplified exercises that will hold you accountable to do the work


Module 1: Your Current Money Blueprint

Identify your program & where it came from in order to release & let it go.  We will also uncover your core values surrounding money.

Module 2: Self-Worth & Money

Acknowledge your shadow in order to raise your worthiness around attracting & earning more wealth & abundance.  Access the depths to find the light

Module 3: The Release & Renewal

Learn about the subconscious mind and how it works so that we can release the biggest money blocks & clear space for abundance.

Module 4: Your New Money Blueprint

Rewrite new beliefs & rules to govern your newly aligned abundant mindset. Tap into your Richest Self to create a roadmap for your financial freedom.

Module 5: Imprinting Abundance

Learn the Rich Bish Goal Setting method as you step into your next level version.  You will create your custom Freedom Life Script and it will blow your mind!

Module 6: Abundance & Rituals

Design your abundance rituals to make them a habit and raise your energetic frequency every single day.

Module 7: Money Manifestation

Study & implement my proven 6-step process for money manifestation to quantum leap into success. Learn the power and system of surrendering & letting go.

Module 8: Money Mindset Mastery

Create a wealth consciousness for life by establishing your new normal.


A lesson on the basic energetics of money and how money really is quite easy to attract, PLUS abundance around debt & bills.

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