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Ryan Pineda – Future Flipper CRM

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Ryan Pineda – Future Flipper CRM


This is the same CRM (Customer Relationship Management) that Ryan uses in his company. It was custom made to his specifications for what his multi million dollar real estate investing business needed. Now you can have the same system for a fraction of the cost!

Why should you use this CRM then?

Unlike most other CRM’s, there are no subscription fees with us. You pay the one time fee and you own the product for life. Think of other CRM’s like leasing a car. You will pay the $200-$500 monthly subscription forever on top of Podio and Globiflow’s subscriptions. With Future Flipper CRM, you pay the one time fee and you own it free and clear. By owning it completely, you can also make additional changes to the CRM and customize it further to your business needs if you choose.

Some included features:

  • Inbound and Outbound Lead Management
  • Customizable Lead Follow Up Automation
  • Task and Appointment Scheduling
  • Team Roster and Business Relationship Rosters
  • Marketing Channel Campaign Trackers
  • Deal Management and Metrics
  • Complete CRM Ownership


If you want to take your business to the next level we are offering a deal if you buy both our course and CRM. Normally this would be a $3,000 value but if you buy both you will get $500 off! If interested email [email protected] for details

So for only $2500 this bundle Includes:

  • – 80+ Videos of in-depth training, teaching you all of the techniques that Ryan uses to run my multi-million dollar house flipping business.
  • – The Real Estate Investor’s Toolkit. This toolkit contains all the spreadsheets and contracts that Ryan uses to manage my business effectively. These tools have allowed me to manage hundreds of flips
  • – Wholesaling Course. Learn how to make money flipping real estate contracts, without ever purchasing a home.
  • – The Flip Your Future Book. A digital copy of my best selling book, Flip Your Future, which you can download on any time.
  • – Ryan’s Custom CRM. Reference details mentioned above

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