[Pre-Order] Susan Harrison-Tustain’s Watercolor Masterclass: Volume One

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Susan Harrison-Tustain’s Watercolor Masterclass: Volume One

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Susan Harrison-Tustain’s Watercolor Masterclass: Volume One


In response to constant requests for detailed instruction on painting a wide variety of subjects, Susan has produced this, the first volume of her Watercolor Masterclass series – ’Leaves, Greens & the 5 Crucial Elements’, to add to her stable of internationally best selling DVDs. This DVD set is designed for all skill levels.

From beginners to professionals – no matter what stage you are at – you will find in-depth guidance, extension and invaluable information that will lift your work to the next level and beyond. In Susan’s 20+ years of teaching painting, she has mastered the art of knowing and sharing what artists are passionate to learn. Watch as Susan explains and demonstrates in great depth how to paint a variety of leaves that are astonishingly real. See the leaves emerge from the paper as if they have a presence, while Susan shares every detail and skill in her gentle, easy-to-understand style of teaching. Learn how to capture the different leaf surfaces: shiny, matt, smooth, undulating, puffed, veined leaves. Mix natural greens that are rich, luscious and vibrant. Susan shares her knowledge to help you to build a great repertoire of green mixes. These methods, skills and new understanding of how to mix color can be applied to mixing any color at all!

In addition and as a special bonus Susan shows how ’the 5 crucial elements for a successful painting’ will help you gain the expertise to create your own Masterworks. Learn to understand how Color, Color Temperature, Tone, Intensity and Edges will revolutionize how you observe, understand and paint any subject. Susan will share how this knowledge will help you to capture emotion, create an impact, convey a message and portray a reality that will reach out of the frame and connect with the viewers of your work. Learn the essential observation skills that will help you to analyze and evaluate your own work.

Susan does not hold anything back! Her DVDs are created to teach you the skills she has learned over her lifetime of painting – so you too can feel the excitement, confidence and joy of painting that comes hand-in-hand with the impact of these teachings. Using the leaf studies as a ’generic example’ – you can learn to apply your new skills to any subject. You will discover how to reserve highlights; create glowing watercolor underwashes; achieve translucent layers of watercolor with Susan’s unique Priming Method; mix clean, fresh, natural colors; create luminous clean watercolor shadows; mould form; attain smooth natural-flowing washes and blends of color and so much more. Numerous on-screen text boxes highlight the major points Susan does not want you to miss. With nearly 5 hours of teaching on 2 discs, filmed in wide-screen with 3 cameras, this is an invaluable resource for watercolor artists of all levels and abilities.

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