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Susan Harrison-Tustain’s Watercolor Portrait Workshop

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Susan Harrison-Tustain’s Watercolor Portrait Workshop


A step-by-step guide for creating beautiful watercolour portraits. Join internationally acclaimed watercolour artist Susan Harrison-Tustain as she applies her ’naturalistic realism’ techniques to portrait painting. Look over Susan’s shoulder and follow step by step – all the way from stretching paper through to fine-tuning. Nearly 3 hours of invaluable lessons and tips.

Part (Disc) One: Susan guides you, in great detail, through all the steps required to paint a successful watercolour portrait. Beginning with a short animation of the painting coming to life through all the stages, we then move on to stretching paper, materials, the background, mastering subtle skin tones, eyes and facial features.

Part (Disc) Two: Continuing on from Part 1, we enhance the skin tones, create soft flowing hair, and learn how to describe the net hat and the fabric of the dress. The next all-important stage is the ’fine-tuning’. Watch as Susan brings the portrait to life with all the final touches that create her naturalistic realism. Then enjoy a gallery of Susan’s exquisite artwork, and view additional information and resources.

New Zealand artist Susan Harrison-Tustain is acclaimed internationally. Painting and drawing since childhood, Susan decided after an extensive trip to Europe and its national galleries to take her work to a professional level. Her book ’Glorious Garden Flowers in Watercolor’ (North Light Books, Cincinnati) has been a best seller of its type. You will also find her work in ’Splash 6’, ’Splash 7’ and ’Splash 8’ (North Light Books), and she has featured in the books New Zealands Favourite Artists, New Zealand in Watercolour and The Power of Us: New Zealanders Who Dare to Dream. Susan’s work has been on several prestigious magazine covers and within the pages of many publications and she has featured twice on television. She conducts workshops in the USA, Australia and New Zealand and leads tours with her husband Richard in Europe. Her exhibitions attract a great deal of attention from within New Zealand and from overseas and she achieves prices for her work which are rare for a living artist.

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