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Trading and Economics Courses and Instruction

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Trading and Economics Courses and Instruction

Salepage : Trading and Economics Courses and Instruction

Value stock picking made simple and easily

Do you trade or invest in stocks? Do you use the advice of a broker or newsletter service, but would like to learn how to do your own stock picking simply and easily in the same manner as Warren Buffet, the most successful stock investor of all time? Attend my stock picking course and I will show you how.

In my no stress, 4-step value stock picking course I will teach you how to pick world class companies at bargain basement prices. You don’t have to know anything about security analysis or finance and you don’t even how to worry about trying to forecast the market. With my methods I will show you how to find and analyze top notch companies that are selling for below fair market value and I will show you how to do it using free and readily available information on the Internet. No subscriptions, no services, no nothing required.

The methods of Ben Graham and Warren Buffett

These are the same methods that Ben Graham taught to Warren Buffet; the methods that made him one of the richest men in the world. You will be buying stocks below their intrinsic value and watching contently as they move higher over time. No more guessing. No more relying on “hot tips” or the bad advice of brokers and best of all, with a minimal amount of time and effort on your part.

Watch your portfolio grow!

Isn’t that what you want? Isn’t it all about learning how to unemotionally buy stocks, based on a proven formula, and then sitting back, relaxing and watching your portfolio grow? Make money investing in the stock market. When you know how to do this simply and without stress the stock market can be one of the greatest wealth creating vehicles.

Stop paying expensive broker commissions; take control of your stock portfolio and direct your own investments with confidence, clarity and insight.

What I teach you

Here are some of the things I will teach you in my value stock selection course:

  • How to buy stocks below market value
  • How to time entry and exits with ease
  • How to get great deals on profitable companies that pay dividends
  • How to correctly diversify your portfolio
  • Knowing when entire industry groups become undervalued
  • Picking the cream of the crop of stocks at huge discounts
  • How to have the proper “Mental Game”

Plus…much, much, more, like my super important instruction on achieving the proper “Mental Game.” Without the right mental game it doesn’t matter how good your information is; you will never end up making money. On the other hand, with the proper mental game you can literally make money by throwing darts at a dartboard.

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