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Training The Injured Athlete

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Training The Injured Athlete

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Most coaches’ approach to managing injured athletes actually does more harm than good.

The athlete has been part of a team for their entire football career…and now they’re being sent to train on their own, work with the athletic trainer or just stand to the side.

That is the WORST thing for them.

They need a role. They need to feel like they’re part of the team and use that to motivate them to come back stronger than ever.

So how you you do we implement this with your athletes?

It starts with this: There should never be a time when the athlete doesn’t train.

Even if it’s leg day and the athlete has an ACL injury…they still train.

But it must be coached and executed properly.

And situations like that are just some of the things you’ll learn how to approach step-by-step and coach successfully in Training the Injured Athlete.

In Training the Injured Athlete You Will Learn:

  • How to train your injured athletes.
  • How to give them the mindset they need as they are stepping back into the program while navigating these new challenges.
  • How to give them a role in the program that will make them better, stronger and more likely to succeed than ever before.

Discover How to Train Your Injured Athletes to Get Them Back on the Field, BOTH Physically and Mentally Stronger Than Ever

Football is a collision sport. Injuries are going to happen. Regardless of how hard or smart you train, some injuries are simply unavoidable. And when they occur, the injured athlete enters unfamiliar territory.

  • They no longer feel invincible.
  • Their excitement is replaced by uncertainty and even depression.
  • They fear that they’ll never get back to where they were.
  • They wonder if the success they’ve dreamed about all their lives is now lost forever.

Your role as a coach takes on an entirely different component. You now have to help them win a different game…the Comeback. You must now give them a chance to experience success. You have to help them understand the challenge that lies ahead and how they’ll climb that mountain. You have to coach them, motivate them and keep them on track…and since the challenges they face are new and their confidence is shaken, your role might just be more important to them now than ever before.

The Worst Thing You Can Do To An Injured Athlete Is To Leave Them Alone

They need attention. Your attention. They need to feel like they are still apart of the team. And that’s your role as a Strength & Conditioning Coach and that’s your role as a Football Coach if you don’t have a Strength & Conditioning Coach on staff. You must reestablish the mindset they need to be successful. You have to help them create a mentality that they’ll not only make it back…but they’ll be better than ever before because of the challenges they will have overcome. And you can immediately start establishing this mentality because anytime there is an injury…whether it’s a knee, shoulder, hip or ankle…there is a way to train around it. You can train through it and make the athlete better, start rebuilding their confidence and laying the foundation to get the back on the field.

You just need to know what to do.

That’s Where the ‘Training the Injured Athlete’ Course Comes in…

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