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Tyson Zahner – Closing Mastery

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Did you know that most business owners are losing sales left and right because they are making several common closing and conversion mistakes that are brain dead simple to fix?

(and I’m going to tell you what 5 of the most common mistakes are in this short letter)

You would be amazed at the number of business owners and sales professionals who spend countless hours and dollars generating leads only to flush those leads down the drain (along with their time and money) simply because they don’t know how to convert and close.

Allow me to help you identify (and fix) these common closing mistakes right now!
Closing Mistake #1:
Not Selling the Solution
The reason your prospects buy things is in an attempt to solve a problem. But if I’ve seen this mistake once, I’ve seen it a thousand times … Sales people who spend all their time talking about the features of their product when they should be talking about their prospects’ problems and desires.

There’s an old saying in sales that goes something like this, “If you want to sell me your weed killer, talk to me about my crabgrass”, and this is 100% true … You have to talk to your prospect about what they’re interested in (their problems and desires), not what you’re interested in (how great your product/service is)

But the truth is you can’t sell the solution unless you first know what your prospects’ problems are, and that brings me to …
Closing Mistake #2:
Not Asking the Right Questions
Your ability to close really only comes down to one main thing … your understanding of your prospects’ problems, goals and desires. But the only way you can know what those problems and desires are is by asking the right questions.

The good news is that the questions are super simple. They’re not pushy at all and when you start asking the right ones, your prospects will tell you exactly how to close them. In fact, I’ve personally been using a simple 5-question formula for years that tells me everything I need to know to close the sale.

Once you extract this information from your prospect … it’s game over.

And the best thing is that you don’t even have to be pushy or hypey to close the sale. All you have to do is position yourself as a consultant who’s there to help them solve their problems and your prospect will be pulled toward a buying decision instead of you pushing them into a sale.
Mistake #3:
Not Asking for the Sale
This one is soooo stupid simple and so incredibly obvious that you may wonder why it even needs to be on the list. Well, here’s why …

Because it’s the number one reason most people fail to close … they simply don’t ask for the sale early enough or often enough.

Never assume that your prospect will suggest the close themselves or that they know what the next step in the process is. Effective closers understand that they have to take the reigns and lead their prospect to a decision. You simply cannot close the sale if you don’t ask for it or tell the prospect exactly what to do next.

Also, you’ll be glad to hear that you don’t have to be pushy or hypey at all when asking for the sale. A simple, well placed phrase such as “it sounds like you’re ready to get started” will often do the trick.
Mistake #4:
Not Handling Objections Properly
I could go on and on with this particular mistake. In fact, there are several sub-categories of mistakes that are made when it comes to objection handling …

For example, most people take objections at their “face value”. This is a huge mistake because prospects rarely tell you the real reason they’re not ready to close. In fact, most objections are nothing more than a smokescreen for some other underlying (and unspoken) hurdle.

For example, when a prospect says “I don’t have the money”, that’s almost always a false statement. They usually have the money (or at least … they could easily come up with the money if they wanted to). Most of the time, the money objection just means they don’t yet have enough belief that your product or service will provide the value that will justify the spending of their money (that’s a very different objection).

Good closers are good at handling objections because they know how to flush out the real reason a prospect isn’t ready to buy. And guess what … it’s easy to do when you know the formula and when you know the exact questions to ask.

The other big mistake with objections is trying to handle them after they come up. The very best way to overcome any objection is to strike it down in the prospect’s mind before they ever have a chance to voice it out loud. And once you know how to do this, you will be unstoppable.
Mistake #5:
Not using Urgency
Let’s face it, most of your prospects are procrastinators. Most people would prefer to put difficult decisions off until tomorrow when possible … and most amateur closers ARE making it incredibly easy for their prospects to wait until tomorrow.

But guess what … tomorrow rarely ever results in a sale. In fact, in most cases tomorrow usually turns into Never.

This is why you MUST know how to create urgency in your offers. Of course, there are obvious ways to create urgency like scarcity tactics and price hikes (both of which are very effective), but there are several other methods that are just as effective yet completely unknown and unused by most.
How Many Sales Are You Losing Each Month?
If you’ve been making any of the mistakes listed above, I’m certain it’s been costing you sales.

So ask yourself this …

How many more sales could you be making every month by simply knowing the right questions to ask, implementing a proven conversion formula and eliminating these mistakes from your sales process so you can close more sales today!

5, 10, 20+ extra sales per month? What would that mean to your bottom line?

Would it be worth investing in yourself and your sales team if you knew that you could have a proven formula that would drastically increase your sales conversions?
I Have Good News …
Closing is Simple When You Know the Formula
I’ve been using that very formula in my business for years and it works like clockwork. I would love to share that formula with you so you can close more sales and increase your conversions too which is exactly why I’ve created a home study course called Closing Mastery.
Introducing Closing Mastery
Discover How to Build Instant Rapport,
Overcome Objections and Close Sales with Ease.

The 3 Questions Your Prospects MUST have answered (but they’ll almost never say them out loud)
5 Closing Secrets That Most Sales Trainers Never Talk About
How to Instantly Eliminate Your Fear of Sales and Closing.
3 Simple Techniques that Will Ensure You Never Waste Your Time on Unqualified Prospects Again
Which Conversion Medium You Should Choose for the Highest Closing Rates
3 Simple Strategies to Overcome Your Fear of the Phone
2 Sneaky Ways to Get Cold Market Prospects Calling Your
The 5-Step Formula To Instantly Build Trust With Your Prospect
Word-for-Word Questions you should ask to get your prospect to Tell You Exactly How to Close Them
How to Get Your Prospect Begging You to See Your Presentation
5 Techniques to Handle Almost Any Objection Your Prospects Have
The 13 Word Question All Network Marketers Should Ask As Soon as The Prospect Finishes Watching the Presentation
The Secret to Closing in Network Marketing (Discover What You’re Really Selling … It’s Not What You Think)
Discover the Proven Way to Close That’s Cool, non-hypey and Makes Your Prospects Love You
The Real Reasons Why Prospects Say “No” and How to Turn “No’s” Into “Yes’s”
and much more …
How Much Extra Money Will You Make?
I’m sure you’re wondering how much I’m asking for this product, and that’s a fair question.

Before I tell you … let me ask you a question.

How much extra money could you make over your lifetime from just one of the strategies I mentioned above?

How much extra will you make over your career by knowing the right questions to ask and getting your prospects to tell YOU how to close them?

How much extra will you make in a lifetime just from knowing how to flush out and overcome your prospects’ real objections.

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