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Redvelations with Sera Beak | INSTANTLY DOWNLOAD !


What if this natural human trinity represented the embodiment of a Universal Trinity consisting of the Divine Feminine, the Divine Masculineand the Divine Soul of each and every one of us, which Sarah represents.

And what if recovering and embodying our Soul is how we rejoin this Universal Trinity, which not only heals and transforms ourselves and this planet, but helps the entire Universe evolve?

In other words: What if we are the missing pieces of the Universe’s Love Story?

That is the provocative, world-shaking thesis at the heart of Redvelations, which is about the intimate journey of remembering who YOU are as a unique sovereign Soul, and reclaiming your rightful, evolutionary, and beloved role within this Universe.

Harvard-trained scholar and bestselling author of Redvelations: A Soul’s Journey to Becoming Human, Sera Beak offers a radically real, deeply vulnerable, wildly honest example of how to reclaim YOUR Soul’s truth.

Sera dares to share her own Soul’s truth and memories of Sarah, Mary Magdalene, and Jesus; including their wisdom, their wounds, their mistakes, their gifts, their fierce devotion to being both human and divine, their body-based spirituality — and most of all, their heartbreaking, paradigm-shattering, all-embracing Love for each other, each of us, and Life Itself.

You don’t have to believe in Sera’s personal experiences, the story of Sarah, or even Christianity in order to receive a beneficial transmission from this class. You do need to believe in yourself and desire a deeper, more intimate relationship with your Soul and the Soul of this Universe.

Redvelations points us not towards another spiritual paradigm, belief system, or external authority, but towards our unique and magnificent sovereign Soul that blazes deep inside us.

In other words, it reconnects us with what has been missing…

In this strangely powerful 7-step journey, you’ll:

  • Identify the common and uncommon ways you can lose your soul
  • Recognize when “spirituality” is contributing to your soul loss
  • Own how and why you might have ignored and rejected your own soul
  • Discover how to retrieve a missing piece of your soul
  • Begin to discern the voice of your Divine Soul from a myriad of voices and influences
  • Access your body’s natural intelligence, and discern organic spirituality from synthetic spirituality
  • Reawaken to that which makes you come genuinely, wildly alive
  • Cultivate the courage to speak and live your Soul’s truth no matter what others think
  • And much, much more

Join Sera Beak to explore your Soul’s memory and reawaken to the True Love that brought you into this Universe.

Drawing from the Original Love Trinity as it’s expressed in the human family of Jesus, Mary Magdalene, and Sarah, Sera will remind you to listen to and follow the guidance from your Soul, discerning your Soul’s unique path from religious, spiritual, and new age paradigms.

Her teachings emphasize organic spirituality vs. “synthetic spirituality,” which bypasses the Soul, erases our distinction, overrules our sovereignty, transcends or diminishes the physical body, and represses our wild, imperfect, authentic humanity. This powerful combination of embodying both our divinity and our humanity in our own distinct way is our pathway Home.

What You’ll Discover in These 7 Modules

In this 7-part transformational intensive, Sera Beak will guide you to remember your soul’s truth, reclaim your sovereignty, and rejoin the Trinity of True Love.

Each class session will include teachings and memories from Sarah, Jesus, and Magdalene — with the emphasis on what they might mean for you in your life now. A large part of each class will be devoted to experiential practice where you’ll be entering the Soul Realm and receiving guidance from your Divine Soul and the Divine Soul of this Universe and learning how to translate that into your daily life. There will be plenty of time for Q&A and direct soul support, as well as time to connect with other course participants.

Each class session will build harmoniously upon the previous ones and give you insights, practices, tools, and principles you’ll need to reclaim lost parts of your soul and create an abiding connection with it that’s sustainable in daily life.

Module 1: The Trinity of True Love
You Are the Missing Piece of Love’s Story


It is a reciprocal Relationship.
It is a Living Love.
It is a Holy Harmony
that we can only play Together

— Redvelations

You have no beginning, but you’ve had a beginning in this Universe. Together, we’ll reimagine our Divine Origins by taking a trip down our Soul’s memory lane, reawakening to the True Love that brought us into this Universe and creates and sustains life. Get ready to reframe your existence through the wide eyes and open heart of your unique, multidimensional, sovereign Soul and begin to recognize your beloved evolutionary placement within the Universe. In other words: It’s time to remember who you are, where you came from, and why you are here.

In this module, you’ll:

  • Reimagine your Divine Origins and your Divine Soul’s journey through this Universe
  • Reignite your intimate relationship with your Divine Soul and the Divine Soul of the Universe
  • Begin to reclaim your Soul’s sovereignty and distinct divine identity
  • Become familiar with the differences between the Divine Soul and the human soul.
  • Explore how your Soul’s integral role in the Universal Trinity of True Love is communicated through the human family of Jesus, Magdalene, and Sarah

Module 2: The Radical Reality of the Divine Soul
What’s Blazing Inside of You


My father was devoted to the distinct Divine Soul
within every human
who is the Creator of Its 
— Redvelations

Jesus knew that what’s blazing inside of us is more divine, trustworthy, and powerful than anything or anyone outside of us. However, it takes time, practice, and courage to reconnect with our Divine Soul, reorient ourselves to the Soul Realm, build trust in our inner reality, and learn how to translate our Divine Soul’s language. But we are fully capable of doing this because Soul is our most natural and unfettered Way of Being. In other words: You’re worth getting to know.

In this module, you’ll:

  • Listen to memories of how Jesus recognized and respected the Divine Soul in every human
  • Start to differentiate the cosmic realm (where religious, spiritual, and new age paradigms derive from) and the Soul Realm (where your Soul derives from)
  • Begin to discern the voice of your Divine Soul from a myriad of voices and influences
  • Acknowledge the spiritual ego and how it often mimics the voice of the Divine Soul
  • Enter the Soul Realm in order to directly communicate with your Divine Soul

Module 3: The Body & the Soul
The Partnership of a Lifetime


My mother reclaimed the human body
and revered the planetary body,
as parts of 
— Redvelations

Mary Magdalene taught that the body and soul belong together. When they are perceived as separate (as they so often are) we become incongruent and unhealthy physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Unfortunately, many spiritual paradigms and practices transcend, reject, or downplay the divine role of the body, thereby not only diminishing our physical vitality, but also separating us from our Soul’s Reality. In other words: Your body is the only way Home.

In this module, you’ll:

  • Listen to memories of how Mary Magdalene reunited the body with the Soul
  • Access your body’s natural intelligence and discern organic spirituality from synthetic spirituality
  • Reawaken to that which makes you come genuinely, wildly alive
  • Rekindle a healthy and loving relationship with your body with the help of your Divine Soul
  • Practice embodying your Soul through movement, sound, and feeling

Module 4: Soul Loss & Soul Retrieval
Losing Yourself & Finding Yourself


No matter how fragmented and lost we might feel,
we are never unreachable by our Own Arms

— Redvelations

While essentially your Divine Soul is always within you and you are within your Divine Soul, it can often appear and feel as though we have lost our human soul, or at least a piece of it. Likewise, while essentially we are always whole, our human soul can appear and feel like it has fragmented. Feeling broken or like we are missing a piece of ourselves is a common human experience. In fact, soul loss is an epidemic. But if you’re reading these words, it means you’re ready to do something about it. In other words: It’s time to recollect yourself.

In this module, you’ll:

  • Become adept at detecting symptoms of soul loss
  • Identify the common and uncommon ways you can lose your soul
  • Recognize when “spirituality” is contributing to your soul loss
  • Own how and why you might have ignored and rejected your own soul
  • Discover how to retrieve a missing piece of your soul

Module 5: The Sacred Wound
Your Wounds Hold Your Gifts


To be human is to be wounded.
It is a difficult, but important part of Life.
While there are many ways around our wounds,
the Way of Love is through them.
— Redvelations

Both Jesus and Magdalene were profoundly wounded, but they Lived and Loved in spite of, and even because of their wounds. We can too. While we cannot avoid being wounded, we can learn to embrace our wounds, and, when it is time, enter them, begin to heal them, and ultimately bring forth the rare gifts they offer us and this planet. In other words: Your wounds are not just a source of suffering, they are also a source of Love.

In this module, you’ll:

  • Explore the wounding of Jesus, Magdalene, and Sarah
  • Discover the differences between the Wound of Incarnation and the Sacred Wound
  • Explore how the false beliefs that stem from your wounding affect your relationships, career, and sense of purpose
  • View your wounds from the eyes and heart of your Divine Soul
  • Start to compassionately acknowledge and work with your wounds

Module 6: The Transformative Power of True Love
The Strongest Force in This Universe Beats Inside of You


This is True Power. This is Love’s Power.
This is our Soul’s Fire, which 
never burns out.
It is not 
of this earth, but it is for this earth.
— Redvelations

True Love is not a romantic notion, a poetic verse, or a far-fetched spiritual ideal. It’s the most powerful, revolutionary, and transformative force in this Universe… but it needs to be incarnated. While we might long to experience and express True Love, most of us have no idea how to go about doing so. Fortunately, we have two excellent human examples to learn from — Jesus and Mary Magdalene. In other words: It’s time to Love, harder.

In this module, you’ll:

  • Listen to Sarah’s memories of how Jesus and Magdalene incarnated True Love
  • Explore why True Love is a force to be reckoned with and how truly loving — yourself, others, and Life Itself — is a revolutionary act
  • Generate an authentic practice of True Love in today’s world
  • Invite True Love to reveal Itself to you, express Itself through you, and incarnate as you

Module 7: Incarnating Your Soul Into the World & Rejoining the Trinity
You Are the One the Universe is Waiting For


My parents did not want us to imitate,
they wanted us to originate.
They invited us to be like every other
living organism on the earth
and simply Be Ourselves

— Redvelations

Your sacred duty is to embody your unique Soul and share your Soul’s truth and gifts with others. Doing so not only transforms and heals this planet, but it rejoins you with the original Trinity, which evolves this entire Universe. Unfortunately, due to dire conditions on this planet, Soul Work has become a privilege and therefore a responsibility — one we need to take seriously. In other words: Soul Work is a form of activism and it’s time to get active.

In this module, you’ll:

  • Receive insight and inspiration from Jesus’ and Mary Magdalene’s fierce commitment to being both divine and human at the same time
  • Start to value your imperfection, honor your humanity, become comfortable with the unknown, and celebrate the messiness of your Soul’s path
  • Cultivate the courage to speak and live your Soul’s truth no matter what others think
  • Sink into the Soul Realm and remember why you as a Soul first came to this earth
  • Receive guidance from your Divine Soul about the next steps in your life, how to contribute more effectively to your community, and how to incarnate your Soul into the world

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