Richard Bandler – Your Own Personal Genius

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Richard Bandler – Your Own Personal Genius

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Richard Bandler – Your Own Personal Genius

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Your Own Personal Genius – by Richard Bandler – a nine CD recording of one of his personal enhancement seminars where delegates got to send in their wish lists and listen to stories and hypnotic suggestions to make their dreams come true.

In these remarkable public private sessions Richard Bandler helps people to make amazing changes in their lives.

As you listen to this CD series you won’t be able to help yourself from becoming happier, smarter, more creative and confident. Through his unique and amausing style of stand up therapy, the creator of NLP challenges your thinking and helps you to journey beyond your conventional limitations.

This audio program is a perfect example of what makes Richard Bandler one of the great geniuses of our time. This nine CD set of amazing hypnotic trances will show you how to change your beliefs, create wealth, become determined, add passion to your life, and get motivated.

You will master the skills to detect and change deeply patterned aspects of human behaviour.

You will also be able to identify and expand the aspects of your life that work well for you at the moment.

You will also focus on how to identify your own personal genius.

You will discover how to apply it in different areas of your life.

You will learn how to model your own excellence – and then apply the results anywhere you choose.

You will discover the unconscious patterning that governs on-going communications and behaviours, as well as learning how to identify the critical factors for change.

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