Richard Bandler – Welcome to Reality (2001)

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Richard Bandler – Welcome to Reality (2001)

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Richard Bandler – Welcome to Reality (2001)

Archive : Richard Bandler – Welcome to Reality (2001)

Recorded in Ascona 2001, What strategies does Richard Bandler use to be able to talk for hours? . . . with no notes . . . and with people carefully listening?

A suggestive room – two armchairs, painting on the walls, in the center is Richard Bandler, spreading full associations, stories and gestures, with participants creating internal images that stretch the perceptual senses and emotions . . . a long trance, as well as elegantly interlaced patterns processing from depression to stretching belief systems, to sexual conflicts, to decision strategies, to the influence of NLP on neurology and physiology.

Then Richard Bandler leaves his armchair and sets the interventions into living pictures – bizarre and stunningly, unambiguously, successfully – and finally leads a conversation intervention with a client. How does he do it; that he creates the ability to do influential interventions over hours without people noticing?

Then there are demonstrations of NLP. People not only feel better, but look happier, live better, are nicer, and are simply more fulfilled with joy and bliss.

Richard Bandler includes trance demonstrations. After the extraordinary trance inductions, and relaxation, the internal learning and understanding begins . . . with deep trance phenomena . . . An exquisite workshop with Richard Bandler.

This contain all 12 parts.

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