Rick Van Ness – Where Should I Put Money | Instant Download !


Rick Van Ness – Where Should I Put Money | Instant Download !

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Rick Van Ness – Where Should I Put Money | Instant Download !


Salepage: Rick Van Ness – Where Should I Put Money

This mini-course is an introduction to making risk/return decisions. The goal of this course is to quickly make you comfortable and competent to choose between savings accounts, money markets, certificates of deposit, bond funds, stock funds, and ETFs.

This can be overwhelming, but I’ll help you decide which choices match your risk/return requirements. At the end, you’ll be able to allocate your money properly, compare your choices and leave with a plan you are prepared to execute.

This course is for you if:

  • you have money ready to invest but need some unbiased guidance,
  • you wish to set-up automatic investments from every paycheck,
  • you have temporary cash from selling your house that you will need again soon,
  • you have a retirement account and have questions about the choices,
  • you are ready to invest but are afraid that the stock market might be too high,
  • you wonder “What allocation to bonds is appropriate for me?”
  • you inherited some money, want to invest it, but don’t have a financial plan.

This course is easily approachable for complete beginners, and also provides value for more experienced students.

Get ready to ask yourself some tough questions and then make some decisions about where to put your money so that it does you the most good.

Course Curriculum

What are your needs? When is money needed?
PreviewIntroduction (Video Promo—in case you missed it) (3:01)
StartRecommended: Course Navigation and Tips
1. The One-minute Money Allocation Plan
StartDo the one-minute initial money allocation plan (2:59)
2. Best short-term low-risk investments
StartRepaying loans, savings accounts, and certificates of deposit (4:44)
StartFinding and understanding Money Market Funds (5:41)
StartComparing short-term bond funds (3:36)
StartExercise: Short-Term Choices
3. An introduction to long-term investments
StartIntroduction to balanced funds (3:14)
StartIntroduction to stock mutual funds and ETFs (7:47)
StartExercise: Longer-Term Choices
4. It’s Decision Time!
StartLearn to use tax-advantaged accounts! They are for all investors. (4:20)
StartStrategies To Cope With Cold Feet: (lump sum today? or a schedule of investments?) (3:51)
StartDownload and complete: My Money Allocation + Investment Plan
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