Robert Tennyson Stevens – Conscious Language 101

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Robert Tennyson Stevens – Conscious Language 101

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Robert Tennyson Stevens – Conscious Language 101

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Introduction to Conscious Language™ (1 CD) + Conscious Language™ 101 (3 CDs)
by Robert Tennyson Stevens

Imagine you have experienced open, honest, direct, heartfelt, outcome-oriented communication and have used conscious creative language all your life. Imagine you were conceived consciously by your Mother and Father, who planned for you, chose you, prepared for you with their own personal deep sacred focus and commitment. Imagine you were received at birth by many loving attendants and family members. Imagine you remember who you really are…

Words are powerful. The full power of our language is released when we speak what we choose to have come into reality with feeling and alignment from our Hearts. Pure speech already resides in our Heart of Hearts. Let your heart speak, choose to make life fun and easy. May your Love & Success increase with each newly chosen word.

Blessings, Love and Victory to You, Robert Tennyson Stevens

ROBERT TENNYSON STEVENS, developer and CEO of Mastery Systems Corporation, is the creator and facilitator of a unique curriculum of personal and professional empowerment technologies, trainings, and support materials. For over thirty years, Robert has extensively researched, synthesized, enhanced, and applied innovative methods for achieving health, and success. He employs advanced understanding of the influence of language, imagination, emotions, and body language while giving class participants exacting tools to replicate his successes. Robert provides personal and team coaching to individuals interested in manifesting and sustaining paradigm shifts in health, business, communication and attaining heart felt outcomes in their personal and professional lives.

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