Rudy Hunter – Cranial Gates | Instant Download !


Rudy Hunter – Cranial Gates | Instant Download !

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Rudy Hunter – Cranial Gates | Instant Download !


Rudy Hunter – Cranial Gates

Product Type DVD
Format Type Webrip -1 MP3
Author Rudy Hunter
File Size 34.94 MB

Cranial Gates With Rudy Hunter presents powerful inter-locking rounds
of laser-focused EnergyWork to help your system work better…so you can feel better.  


There is deep & powerful energetic work here for your cranium, head, sinuses,
eyes & ears, jaw, oral cavity, cranial bones, all the many levels & layers of
reflexes on & in the cranium and so much more.

We’re working the energetics of the cranial vault and it reflexively stimulates & releases
the mind too…and you’ll be surprised by what other parts of you let go, ease up, relax and open.
That 10-pound bowling ball sitting on the top of your neck is
an entire Universe of reflexes, switches, stimulation points and more.
There’s much powerful work here for you.

Here’s a suggestion for Trauma & Headache & Migraine & Sinus sufferers:
This product may or may not help your issue directly.
Stay open to the possibility and it will certainly help.
You may find to your surprise that the other Gates products [Thorax & Pelvic]
help with these issues…or not.  The links for those are at the bottom of the page.
Cranial Gates activates points deeply in the brain…so as they get “lit up” all kinds of corrections
are likely and more possible throughout your entire system.  Just stay open to what improves.
If, however, you have suffered a head injury please add this product to all
the good professional medical care you’re receiving already.  It will help you.

Use this tool to feel better as often as you like..whenever you like.  

Cranial Gates will serve you [and your noggin’] for the rest of your natural life.

It runs 30:31and has the EnergyWork permanently embedded in it.
Once you purchase your personal copy and download it below you’ll own it for life so
you can use it as much as you want.  You’ll be able to feel better & better as you choose.
And you can use it whenever you’re in the mood!

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