Ryan Hall – Arm Triangles Disc 1 – 3


Ryan Hall – Arm Triangles Disc 1 – 3

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Ryan Hall – Arm Triangles Disc 1 – 3

Ryan Hall – Arm Triangles Disc 1 – 3


YES!  Everyone one can benefit from this DVD set! Each viewer will take away different things from it depending on their experience. There are gems of knowledge for each belt level. If you are new to Arm Triangles this is an excellent place to start. If you are experienced and have been using Arm Triangles with a low percentage of success you will gain A TON from it.


This is a 3 disc DVD set covering Ryan Hall’s principles and execution of the Arm Triangle submission.  Like his other instructional DVDs, Ryan layers this one in a very logical order, starting off with easy to understand concepts and mechanical details the viewer must know first before diving into the more complex movements, set-ups and combinations.  Ryan provides copious amounts of details of these principles in his typical talkative and informal style.  He breaks down what actually makes the submission work very nicely.  Ryan Hall cuts right to the meat and potatoes of it. Also, to his credit, he gives his assistant Seph Smith the credit for actually being the expert at this submission.  For some short teaching clips from Seph Smith regarding the arm triangle (Ryan Hall’s first Black Belt) Watch the clips below.

After laying out a clear blueprint for the submission, Ryan then goes on to describe and detail the variants of the Arm Triangle, which he eloquently refers to as “different expressions of the same technique.”   These include the standard side Arm Triangle (which he refers to as Side Choke or Kata Gatame), the D’arce Choke (which he calls the Brabo Choke), the Anaconda Choke, the Ezekiel Choke (which he does differently than the commonly taught version), and the Guillotine. Ryan then continues the by laying out some useful combinations that give the viewer a clearer picture of the technique and how small adjustments can keep your opponent in danger.  Next, Ryan spotlights the importance of positional control.  He dives into side control, knee-on-stomach, half guard, turtle, front headlock (sprawling position) and leg drag position.  With these dominant positions, he highlights the methods of giving your opponent movement options that put him in jeopardy with each choice they make.  Ryan’s method is basically using a position of dominance (ie, side control) and pressure to give his opponent bad options, all of which lead him into a variation of the arm triangle choke.   He provides plenty of examples enlightening the viewer of what he means.  Ryan also suggests using different kinds of pressure to make the opponent uncomfortable thus almost forcing him to expose an opening to relieve that pressure.  Ryan Hall’s attack strategy is essentially putting his opponent in a Catch-22. The opponent is so out of position and uncomfortable that he MUST expose himself and be vulnerable to the arm triangle. Ryan gives the viewer a conceptual blueprint of this strategy and goes onto numerous positions and set-ups emphasizing it.

Lastly, Ryan troubleshoots various problems that may arise while performing the Arm Triangle and also provides some excellent transitions into the position.  Ending off the set is a catalogue of training drills that the viewer can practice that will infuse the core movement and set-up principles of the Arm Triangle into their game.

If you have had bad luck finishing the Arm Triangle submission or get exhausted from it, then look no further.  This is your golden ticket!

The entire content on this set is extremely valuable.  Detail upon detail, principle upon principle laid down for the viewer.  Ryan Hall is extremely generous with his extensive knowledge on the Arm Triangle.  He doesn’t mystify anything, but breaks it down into super simple concepts that even beginners can grasp.  If you didn’t like Arm Triangles before I would bet you’d love them after watching this DVD set.  He Jiu-Jitsufies the Arm Triangle. Meaning he makes it about proper positioning, anatomical understanding and leverage, NOT about wrapping the head and arm and squeezing like crazy.  Everything in this approach points to proper positional dominance and energy efficiency.  Very technical! This set (along with Seph Smith) changed my Arm Triangle game 1,000%.

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