Sami Abusaad – Earnings Engine Class | Instant Download !

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Sami Abusaad – Earnings Engine Class | Instant Download !

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Sami Abusaad – Earnings Engine Class | Instant Download !


Salepage: Sami Abusaad – Earnings Engine Class
$86,800 in One Day of Trading Earnings?
Want to know how powerful Sami Abusaad’s Earnings Play is?

Sami used the strategy to earn $86,800 in a single day — making it the second best day of his trading career!

Where Most Traders Go Wrong With Trading Earnings

Most traders say “I never trade stocks ahead of their earnings reports! It’s too risky!”

But risk isn’t the problem.

The problem is making things too complicated.

The typical trader tries to predict all these items:

  1. Earnings per share
  2. Revenues
  3. Profit margins
  4. Product unit sales
  5. Future guidance
  6. Which specific item in the report the market will care about most
  7. What the stock and options markets are pricing in
  8. How the market will react to the report

No wonder so many traders are terrified of earnings!

Who could possibly predict 8 different things for each company?

Sami’s Simple Solution: Focus on Predicting the Market’s Reaction

The ‘Earnings Engine’ model is a newer, simpler way of doing things.

Sami has identified 6 pinpoint specific chart patterns that predict how a stock will move after earnings.

If you can follow a simple checklist and read a chart, you can get long or short stock ahead of earnings in a calm, rational manner.

And Sami didn’t pull these patterns out of thin air.

He studied earnings reactions for 7 years before he began trading them — 7 years!

He left (potentially) millions of dollars on the table because he wanted to be sure this strategy made consistent money.

And they have.

These setups almost feel like cheating because the chart has all the information you need.

The chart knows how the stock will move, regardless of whether the company beats expectations or misses.

The information is staring at you right now. You just have to know where to look.

Sami can teach you how in this special LIVE online course. Earnings seasons starts next week.

Are you ready to rev up YOUR earnings engine?

Are you ready to turn earnings season into a celebration instead of a major headache?

Then join Sami for this special LIVE interactive training event.

What’s Included with the Earnings Engine Home Study:

  • 4.5 hours of video training in Sami’s earnings strategies
  • Master 6 specific setups that ‘predict’ how stocks will react to earnings reports
  • Get specific entry, exit, and trade management parameters so you always know what to do
  • 121-page course guide included
  • Turn earnings season into a reliable profit engine!


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