Sarah Doody – UX Job Interview Prep In A Weekend | INSTANTLY DOWNLOAD !

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Sarah Doody – UX Job Interview Prep In A Weekend | INSTANTLY DOWNLOAD !

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Sarah Doody – UX Job Interview Prep In A Weekend | INSTANTLY DOWNLOAD !


Sarah Doody – UX Job Interview Prep In A Weekend

Sarah Doody – UX Job Interview Prep In A Weekend

Archive : Sarah Doody – UX Job Interview Prep In A Weekend

How to be ready to talk about your projects and nail design exercises.

A UX portfolio gets you in the door …

But your interview skills are what will set you apart from the rest.

If you want to stand out from other candidates, you have to be prepared for the job interview including questions that may be asked, presenting your portfolio, and executing design exercises.

Yes, it’s nerve wracking and you might be nervous about:

  • Knowing what types of questions you’ll be asked
  • Freezing up when they ask you to do a live design exercise
  • Talking about the projects in your portfolio
  • Dealing with phone interviews and in person sessions

This step-by-step program will equip you to go showcase your work, skills and personality with confidence and authenticity.

What’s included in UX Job Interview Prep In A Weekend:

🎬 45 minutes of teaching
❓A list of questions you should prepare for
📋UX interview checklist (pre and post interview)
📙The design exercise strategy worksheet
🎯A post interview retrospective template so you can learn from each interview


I’m Sarah Doody, nice to meet you!

Before you ask,

YES this is my real hair!


  • 2015: Founded The UX Notebook, a weekly UX email and education collective focused on helping people learn how to think like a designer.
  • 2012: Went full time as self employed with my own UX consulting business.
  • 2011: Co-created curriculum for and taught General Assembly’s first ever 12-week User Experience Design course.
  • 2007: Moved to NYC to get started in the roller coaster world of tech startups.


Class Curriculum

Welcome & Watch This First
  • Start

    Welcome (3:16)

  • Start

    Join The Community

  • Start

    How to get help (please read)

  • Start

    🏆 Hired? Share your success story here …

  • Start

    BONUS: Get your own .design domain for $5

  • Start

    Book “Solving Product Design Exercises”

Big Picture: The Interview Process
  • Start

    What to expect (14:43)

Before You Even Apply
  • Start

    It’s all about you (9:02)


Preparing For The Interview
  • Start

    Do your research (19:55)

  • Start

    Presenting your work (17:21)

Design Exercises: Do’s and Dont’s
  • Start

    What’s your strategy? (11:26)

After The Interview: Reflect & Tweak
  • Start

    Iterating after your interviews (4:22)

Final Thoughts
  • Start

    Recap and next steps … (3:53)

  • Start

    Your Values & Dream Job Worksheet

  • Start

    The UX Interview Checklist (Pre & Post Interview)

  • Start

    Design Exercise Strategy Worksheet

  • Start

    Interview Questions To Make You Think

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