Scot McKay – Virtuosity

Scot McKay – Virtuosity

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Scot McKay – Virtuosity

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You can picture her. She is exactly the woman you dream of…if you dare allow your imagination that kind of freedom.

When you see her you recognize effortless, graceful femininity in her every move. As she passes, you notice her light, clean, unmistakable scent that you wish could last forever.

When she happens to catch your eye, you realize that her beautiful face is beaming with the glow of a woman who is captivated by your presence as a man. And when you hold her, she settles into your grasp as if she hopes you will never let go.

Is she yours? If she isn’t yet, what is your plan for finding her? And when you do find her, how will you ATTRACT her and KEEP HER ATTRACTED?

Even if you get her number, will she call you back? And then…how do you get inside her head so that SHE THINKS ABOUT YOU ALL THE TIME? Will she continue to feel that passionately towards you FOREVER?

Techniques and routines can help you get more “digits” than your buddies. But whose hero do you really want to be? THEIRS…or HERS?

Is simply being a pickup artist good enough? Or are you ready to experience what it’s like to gain FULL CONTROL over every stage of your relationships with women?

PUA training gets you to the front door. Now it’s time to WALK THROUGH THAT DOOR and discover what awaits you inside.

It’s time for a world-class plan of action designed to REWARD YOU who are unwilling to wait a single minute longer to get a grasp of the big picture regarding what “deserving what you want” and “never settling” means.

Make no mistake. It is imperative that such a strategy be bold enough and effective enough to triumphantly defeat destructive cycles and flat-out GET RESULTS as soon as possible.

Simply put, as a man you must distance yourself from lesser men in order to deserve great women…that’s the law of the jungle whether we like it or not.

As such, VIRTUOSITY is aptly named.

After the amount of research and development we’ve continuously immersed ourselves in around here, it’s obvious that a “cookie cutter” approach to all of this won’t cut it. You’ve heard me say before that “painting by numbers” is not art. Only a personalized, customized plan of action will get the job done in your life. And VIRTUOSITY delivers.

Separate, full-length audio programs (and two BONUS programs) comprehensively covering my core strategies on each of the following REAL WORLD topics:

Differentiating Novice Skills From Advance Skills

On Finding Great Women

On Attracting Great Women (Igniting Femininity)

On objectively Qualifying Women (Choosing vs. Chasing)

On Defining Great Men

On Becoming A Great Man

Hidden Detractors From Success

A Tour Of Dating And Seduction Resources On The Web

Bonus Track: On Self-Esteem vs. Confidence

Bonus Track: Free Yourself From The Need To Impress Women

ALL NEW co-instructed full-length discussions as follows featuring WORLD CLASS EXPERTS:

How To Choose The Right Path To Getting Better With Women
Featuring Jae Ellis (The AskRomeo Team)

Dealing With “Games”
Featuring Carlos Xuma (Dating Dynamics)

Unleashing Your Charismatic Personality
Featuring Will H. (You Are So In My Way)

How To Please A Woman In The Bedroom
Featuring Alex Allman (Revolutionary Sex)

Female Ejaculation: How To Give Your Woman Ultimate Orgasmic Pleasure
Featuring Alex Allman (Revolutionary Sex)

How To Get Women Interested And Keep Them That Way
Featuring Doc Love (

How To Make Her Think About You Constantly: Emotional Management vs. Desperation And Trickery
Featuring Zan Perrion (Enlightened Seduction)

Building Rapport And Escalating Attraction
Featuring Joseph “Thundercat” Matthews (

Blow Her Away With Amazement: How To Knock A Woman’s Socks Off
Featuring Mike Bloomberg (An Exclusive Engagement)

How To Make Women Laugh
Featuring Barry Kirkey (

Character-Based Pickup And Seduction
Featuring Stephen Nash (Cutting Edge Image Consulting)

Daytime Game: Meet And Attract Women Everywhere
Featuring Oliver “Grungey 10” Turner (CaptivateToConnect)

Growing Up But Not Old: Why All Women Love What Happens To Men Around Age 30
Featuring AJ & Jordan (Pickup Podcast)

Secrets To Success With Women For Men Over 40
Featuring Brent Smith (Absolute Power Dating)

Approaching Women Made Easy
Featuring Asian Playboy (The ABC’s Of Attraction)

First Date Mastery: How To Get The Second Date Every Time
David Wygant (

On Exterminating Excuses
Featuring Sean Stephenson (Inner Game Magazine)

How To Date Tens
Featuring Christian Hudson (Master The Vibe)

Masculine Wiles: Leverage Your Attraction To Win With Women
Featuring Shrop (The AskRomeo Team)

All About Relationship Management
Featuring Sebastian Drake (theApproach, Master The Vibe)

From Multiple LTRs To Exclusivity
Featuring Frank B. Kermit (Frank Talks

Any Man’s Guide To Dating Celebrities
Featuring Robert Martin (Look Great Naked At Any Age)

The Average Man’s Guide To Maximizing His Appearance
Featuring Robert Martin (Look Great Naked At Any Age)

Confessions Of A Touring Musician: How To Leverage Your Natural Talents To Attract Women Like A Rock Star
Featuring Bruce James

On Being A Man Of High Value
Featuring Cameron Teone (Attract Women Anywhere)

Featuring Decker (Authentic SF)

Combating Guilt And Shame
Featuring Bryan Bayer (Authentic SF)

Ultimate Body Language And Eye-Contact
Featuring Cory Skyy (Badboy With A Heart)

Eliminating The Age Gap: Attract Younger OR Older Women
Featuring Brad Finsilver (The Date Mentor)

How To Ignite Femininity: The Woman’s Perspective
Featuring Marie Forleo (The Good Life)

How To Understand Women
Featuring Janet Morehead (Mojo-Maker)

The Dreaded Just Be Friends Zone
Featuring Amy Waterman (000Relationships)

Devastating style
Featuring Renee Piane (Love Mechanics)

The Man’s Guide To Understanding And Igniting Femininity
Featuring Rion Williams (Men’s Guide To Women)

The Nice Guy vs. The Good Man
Featuring Nige 54 (Australia’s Leading Dating Coach)

The Alpha Man Vs. The Jerk
Featuring Nick Shane (Become A Playboy)

The Truth About Your Weight When It Comes To Success With Women
Featuring Brad Howard (The Fat Loss Black Book)

The Divorced Man’s Guide To A Wildly Successful Dating Life

Making The Comeback After Divorce
Featuring Grant Adams (Net2Bed/Net2Wed)

Understanding Your Rights As A Man
Featuring Harry Crouch (California Men’s Center)

Dating For Single Dads
Featuring Joseph South (Joseph Went South)

How Important Are Fatherhood Qualities To Women?
Featuring Armin Brott (Mr. Dad)

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