Sean D Souza’s – Website Strategy: How To Convert Customers into Client

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Sean D Souza’s – Website Strategy: How To Convert Customers into Client

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Sean D Souza’s – Website Strategy: How To Convert Customers into Client

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Get Sean D Souza – Website Strategy: How To Convert Customers into Client right now!

Presenting the Website Strategy Masterclass Home Study Course

The Website Masterclass is a comprehensive course containing audio, detailed notes, and an insider information of the exact steps you need to take to make your website a powerhouse!

Most websites struggle for one reason and one reason only. Because they’re built without a foundation of customer psychology.

This lack of this psychology means the website owner needs to drive tens of thousands of prospects to his/her website to make the website profitable. And even if you do drive those herds of prospects, there’s no guarantee that they’ll buy anything at all.

And this need to have to drive a constant stream of customers, ends up with the website owner doing a lot of legwork. He/she has to be constantly advertising; constantly doing joint ventures; constantly travelling and speaking; constantly working and consequently going a little nuts if everything turns to custard.

Website Strategy Masterclass: Say Goodbye to Struggle

In the Website Strategy Masterclass, you’ll learn:

1) The core secret. The one thing on which your entire website, AND your entire business should be built on.
2) How that core secret attracts customers by the truckload. How those customers keep coming back time after time. How those customers are willing to spend more each time.
3) Why inspite of fierce competition, your customers will not desert you. And this is how the core secret keeps them bound to you.
4) You’ll learn the precise steps involved in attraction, conversion and consumption. The exact psychological factors that every website must have–and without which you’re just wasting your time and money.
5) That you don’t need to have 25,000 customers on your database.That with smaller numbers, you can live the lifestyle you’ve always imagined, and not have to stress about where the next buck comes from.

Some of the topics that will be covered:

  • The core of how you should structure your information. What kind of information should you have to attract customers?
  • Why niches work and why they don’t. And how to understand why the wrong move can lead to a dead end.
  • The secret of time. How to make your website so compelling that customers stay hooked and consequently buy from you.
  • How packaging can destroy your sales. When to package, what to package and how you can sell products/services worth thousands of dollars with the right packaging. Or lose it with the wrong packaging.
  • Bono has this factor. Bill Clinton has it. Harley Davidson has it. Yet most websites completely ignore a core factor. In fact, it’s more than likely your website doesn’t have it either. Yet it’s the one psychological factor that makes people loved–or ignored.

And there’s more…

  • Why newspapers get your attention with photos. Learn the journalist’s way to using photos on your website to getting instant attention, while growing trust and comeback power.
  • How much information should you give? How much should you hold back? The curse of giving too much or too little. You can’t sit on the fence when it comes to this strategy.
  • The power of the Reverse Testimonial. How Reverse Testimonials create intense desire in the minds of the customer. Learn the specific steps, not only how to get testimonials that get customers to buy, but also how to link it to specific parts of your website text. And why specific placement destroys objections and increases sales.
  • How important is a visual? Do pictures speak a thousand words? You’ll be amazed at how without visuals, you’ve not only lost most of the plot, but also discouraged search engines to pick specific pieces of information off your site. Where do you place the visuals and how do you get them to do most of the work of selling?
  • The biggest reason why customers don’t become clients, is the factor of risk. How do you not only reduce risk to zero, but also improve your likability factor?

And more…

  • What turns your customer off? A single pebble in your shoe can stop you from moving ahead — because of the irritant value. How can you guarantee all irritants are removed from your website, without spending thousands of dollars? I said ALL
  • The twin factors that get a customer to your sales page and then drive the customers away in confusion. What are they, and how can you fix them right away?
  • How to create urgency. How to use urgency in your emails and your website. Without urgency the customer feels no need to buy today. And that drops your sales figures like a rock. What’s worse, is that the customer goes out and simply spends the money elsewhere.
  • You think the customer is buying your product or service. The customer has gone beyond. You’re selling something, and they’re already onto the next factor. This next factor, will sell more product and more services than you can imagine. What is the customer really buying if they’re not buying the product/service? You’ll be astounded!
  • The intense power of summaries. And why your customer is confused with thousands of words. And how you need to structure your summary to get the customer to buy right away.

And yes…

Real life examples of companies and businesses just like yours–that use the core secret. See for yourself how tiny one-person businesses as well as monster brand names use the core secret. See the case studies for yourself, and see the exact customer response. When you see the case-studies, you will be amazed that it’s been sitting right in front of you for all this time, and you didn’t see it at all.

The Bonuses: Really useful too…

#5: Checklists + Mindmaps worth over $250

# 1 Big Bonus: How to Create A Viral Campaign worth $500
Ever wondered how to create a viral campaign? You see these viral campaigns everywhere, but you don’t have a clue how to create one. What does a viral campaign have? What makes it popular? How can you run the same viral campaign year after year without any fatigue factor, and still get customers through the door.
#2 Website Strategy Template worth $1500
Is there something such as a near-perfect website strategy? Not really. But there is such a thing as a near-perfect template for attraction, conversion and consumption. And you’ll get the template that shows you exactly what you need to do. And when. And avoid the big mistakes.
# 3: Special Strategic Accounting Session
This accounting session will teach you how to read into your sales figures, and show you how to tweak your strategy for even greater sales. It’s astounding what the numbers reveal. It’s a fun session.
#4: Client Data Segregation Tutorial

The key to successful sales is actually segregating your database, so that you don’t bug customers. You can actually segregate your database, so that someone who buys Product #1, is offered Product #2 and doesn’t get the same offer to buy Product #1 all over again.

By segregating your database, you can get a far higher rate of conversion over conventional systems. Don’t get your customer all bugged with the same offer. Customise your offers, without spending thousands of dollars on some fancy software and do it on the cheap.


Get Sean D Souza – Website Strategy: How To Convert Customers into Client right now!
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