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How You Can Find UNLIMITED Hot Products PROVEN To Sell, In Under 5 minutes
Do It With Just A Few Clicks Using Our Absurdly Simple Shopify “Spy Software”
For The First Time You’ll See How We’ve Mastered “Free” Selling…

bullet-1The Easiest Sales You’ve Ever Made

bullet-2The Most Excited Customers Who Give Testimonials

bullet-3How To Scale Into More Profit

bullet-4People Will Share Your Products For Free With Viral Marketing

bullet-5Sell cheaper, faster and easier than any t-shirt

bullet-6We can sell them anything after: shirts, affiliate offers, CPA, etc..

bullet-7The Cheapest Sale You Can Make

bullet-8Bizarrely Simple Sales Which Convert Into Instant Confidence

Hi, we’re Jon Mac & Ricky Mataka…
…and over the past few months a major discovery was made
in our business…
It’s Hard Selling Stuff Online.
Not only is it hard, but if you’ve ever tried it the frustration and pain of trying to make a profit makes you feel burned out.
What if there was a way to sell “free” things? What if we were the first to master this technique while other people fumble around trying to be experts wasting your time and money?
What If Complete Newbies Like Adam Made 100% ROI On His First Campaign Ever?
But Adam isn’t alone, in fact there is a secret clique of freedompreneurs who’ve cracked the code on selling free things for massive profits…

Tien Le who actually had a brick and mortar store until he tried this…

Or Todd Croly who took MASSIVE ACTION and made $4,700 in 1 Week!
“Busted!!! a $900 a day or $27,000 a MONTH or $324,000 a YEAR!!!!” all on $60 dollar ad spend in less then 4 weeks!!!

Now Its Your Turn To Find Out How

bullet-2No Figuring Out Shirts

bullet-4Making Massive Buyer’s Lists

bullet-6Scaling Fun Business You Can Do With Your Family

bullet-5Doing The Easiest Selling (Nothing Is Easier Than Free Stuff)

And if it was just me or a few guys sure you can call it luck, even ridiculously incredible luck as we’ve sustained our business but what if…

We Have Instant 7 Figure Earners & Proud To Say No One Has Produced So Many 7 Figures As Quickly As Us!

Now Do We Have Your Attention?
I struggled selling shirts online, all the hype about ecommerce and Amazon and I too bought into the hype. After months of lost money, destroyed confidence, and saturated markets it all made sense to me.

The Secret Was In Creating A Business
With Products That I…

checkNever Stock

checkNever Worry If They Sell

checkOnly Focus On The Most Profitable Products

checkSell With A Price That Is IRRESISTIBLE! (Free)

Look for yourself at some of the sales I’ve made
That is $29.95 every few minutes!
Did you know I was a pizza boy? So if you don’t think I understand your frustration, agony, and wonderfully your redemption I couldn’t write to you like this.
And it wasn’t shirts, not by a long shot!!! I was scared to invest another penny into inventory, or trying to master a business in which I’m competing with people asking for money until I realized the money was in the easiest sale with massive profits on the back-end that anyone can do.
I’m Going To Reveal How You Can Join Us and Other 7 & 8 Figure “Pizza Boys” (a.k.a regular people) Into The Most Fun Business We’ve Ever Done!
And when you can create daily, repeatable, ecstatic revenue like this every day how would you feel?
So How Did We Short Cut
Our Massive Success & Earnings??
And The Software? Get Excited!
This is legally and ethically the most powerful way to never guess on profitability. It’s a literal crystal ball into profitability where you find products that are the most profitable.
What would you pay to know in advance a product was already profitable? Isn’t that the biggest problem everyone faces when they want to make money? Will this sell?
Now Every Product You Promote You’ll Know In Advance You Have A Winner
It’s like having built in confidence at the click of a button. Nothing comes close to this combination of in-depth analysis and training.


The Best Of Facebook Marketing
+ Free Sale Ecommerce Mastery
+ Laser-Perfected Knowledge

Today Your Getting!!! The Most Killer
Software For Ecommerce Period!!!

We are working on more as well! Ideas will flow like a river even if this is all new to you with Shoplicate.
Amazon Spy
We took the best of Amazon and made it insanely easy to find what your looking for. Instant access to reviews and item data you need to use amazon as product sourcing warehouse!
You can also use this to find best sellers for any keyword instantly! This makes doing FBA research a breeze for anyone.
Save All Your Favorites With 1 Click!
Shoplicate does not only come packed with powerful features! Our unique media and search organizing tool allows you save all your favorites in their own category
Never forget a search, a product idea, or where it came from so you can quickly continue any research where you left off!
Intelligent Search Organizer
This search bar, allows you to save any search from any section and remembers your keywords across Shoplicate
propitiatory research tools.
From, trends to products, to your own search queries we asked ourselves how we can speed up our research and that how all these amazing tools in Shopolicate were born!
Save Anything And Everything
Shoplicate allows you to never forget anything as you do your research! With 1 click you can always access your favorites by pressing the Save and File icons around each propitiatory research section!
Continue To Grow With Us!
This is only the beginning! Get instant access to upgrades and additional modules being developed daily!
We have full time developers on Shoplicate and we are adding new features into development every week this is a long term project with so much potential you will think how did you ever lived without this tool!
Intelligent Support
We take customer feed back seriously, so we make it easier then ever to contact us for any thing you have in mind.
We have full time trained support staff working around the clock to answer any of your questions, concerns and desires!
We are simply 1 click away!
Our Customers Love Shoplicate

The Most Profitable Shopify & Ecommerce Spy Ever Created!

…And Why Do People Love Shoplicate?
And Whats Killer Software Without Killer Training!

When You Get Shoplicate Today You Are Also Getting …

Getting Setup With Out Pain (Important)
In this module we are going to quickly train you on HOW to get setup fast and painless. We want to show you what products you should be setting up and we will dive into a 3 tier margin system that guarantees profits!
You Will Learn:
  • Finding Your Niche and Products Super Fast!
  • Setting Up Shopify PAIN Free!
  • Finding The Perfect Theme & Exactly What To Look For!
Executing For FAST Results (Profit In Days)
As soon as your setup we want you to get results Super Fast, without having to go through a ton of training. In this module we are going to give you EXACTLY what you need to do for fast profits!
You Will Learn:
  • The 1200 X 1200 Image Crusher – Simple Setup and Targeting!
  • The Quick & Painless Targeting Method We Use For Results!
  • Fulfillment the Easy & Outsourced Way!
PLUS! Profit Stores Pro Leaked Modules!
Jon Mac has some leaked modules from his VERY successful Profit Store Pro Study Course.
We have included them in Shoplicate so you can have more Actionable Training to get results on!
Here Is What You Are Getting…
Million Dollar e-Commerce Secrets
99% of people fail to make life-changing money online… but not you. Module 1 breaks down what it takes to make eCommerce work.
  • 11 secrets the world’s largest online retailers don’t want you to know
  • How to leverage the “profit patterns” huge companies have spent millions to uncover… for free.
  • How to overcome the biggest fear of your prospects and make them excited to buy from you.
  • The 3 things EVERY eCommerce site needs to make profit.
Facebook Ads Mastery
There are hundreds of Facebook Ad courses out there that make your eyes bleed and your head pound just trying to follow along… but not this course. You’ll be amazed at how easy Facebook Ads are when you combine it with eCommerce.
This module alone could change your life forever:
  • The single best targeting strategy with Facebook ads – this is rarely taught, even though (or maybe because) it blows every other method out of the water
  • How to “stack the deck” by sticking to the 4 pillars of massive profits and ignoring every new strategy or shiny object that comes your way.
  • The single most important thing you’ll need as a Facebook marketer (and no, it’s not ‘a fat wallet’)
  • How you use Facebook ads to hit the ‘millionaire zone’
Don’t Forget Our Irresistible Bonuses!
Bonus Live Questions & Answers Session
We want to make sure we kick start your success with out system as fast as possible! Let us get you on a live Questions and Answers so you can have no fear that your going to succeed! Well Cover…
  • How to find the sub-niche that’s going to make your business explode
  • 2 little-known and under-used resources for any eCommerce seller. Use these under-ground resources to steal the march on your competition and cut the time you spend building your business in half.)
  • The 15-point market checklist – go through this before entering a niche, and you’ll know if you can make bank before spending a dime
  • The 3 types of people your niche MUST contain
  • The profitable sub-niche lists that are hidden in plain sight
Extra Case Study Bonus
  • A live profitable campaign fully revealed
  • The product, ad copy, targeting, everything is shown
  • See the entire strategy brought together
  • This Bonus alone is Priceless!
Special Bonus! What If We Did Product Research For You.
What if we handed you a fully stocked catalog in which you could browse through and with 1 click send ANY product to ANY Shopify store you own automatically? Thought that was a dream? Its not!! As a member of Shoplicate we are adding researched dropship products monthly that you can stock and explode your profits without guessing!! This is exclusive to Shoplicate Members so Join Today!

Today We Have Smashed Out
Over 57K In One Week!

BOOM! New Store 45 Days Old…

Just Shy Of A 6 Figure Month!

And WHATEVER you do DON’T panic thinking we’re going to be asking for a car payment to make this work and to make this even a bigger no-brainer… Try this, don’t decide now, just try this and see this is bar none the best value on the market and if you don’t feel the excitement, the joy, and power this has given our elite circle of ecstatic fans then demand a 100% refund!

Ok, Now The Price! Here We Wanted To Do What Was The Most Fair To Everyone As…

The potential is unlimited with this method
We were thinking of making this a heavy price that would easily reflect the value but many people have asked us to give them an entry to the market that anyone can do and…
We Listened!!!

Price Is Increasing To $97/month In…

So you’ll get access to this, before anyone will even sniff at it
for our Grand Opening Early Bird Pricing Of $67/Month!

NEW!! Save 50% & Get Life Time Access Here
(Only For This Promotion – Ends Nov 9th)
Your purchase is fully protected by our full 30 day money back guarantee
You’re going to get the lowest price possible, get in before the crowds, see all the success we have to offer for this incredible system…
At a price you’d be crazy to pass up even if you can only attain 5% of our success
Price Is Increasing To $97/month In…
Get In Now For The Low $67/month Price!

NEW!! Save 50% & Get Life Time Access Here
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Your purchase is fully protected by our full 30 day money back guarantee
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