Simon Black – Sovereign Man Confidential 2019 | Instant Download !

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Simon Black – Sovereign Man Confidential 2019 | Instant Download !

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Simon Black – Sovereign Man Confidential 2019 | Instant Download !


Simon Black – Sovereign Man Confidential 2019


The most comprehensive international diversification toolkit on the planet.

Here are just a few examples of what you’ll find inside…

  • Dozens of options on how to obtain a second passport​(potentially for free) that will provide you the lifelong benefit of more options to live, work, invest, travel, and do business around the world
  • Our latest 2019 Worldwide Banking Review: The best foreign bank accounts in the world (including one that is 13x safer than a typical US bank and pays 3.4% interest on USD deposits)
  • How to reclaim the dividend withholding tax on foreign stocks​that you’ve been overpaying for YEARS… (This alone could pay for several years of this membership…) 
  • How to structure yourself to legitimately save tens of thousands of dollars in income tax with simple no-brainer strategies.
  • Liberate your retirement savings with a genius structure that gives you back control over your own money and lets you invest into lucrative investments outside out of drastically overvalued stock markets
  • How to pass 100% of your assets, tax-free to your family when you pass away, and ensure the government doesn’t receive a penny
  • How to set up a simple, cost-effective structure that will terrify frivolous creditors who are even thinking about coming after you and your assets
  • Store gold and silver in one of the most secure facilities on the planet… AND participate in its innovative, safe, and lucrative peer-to-peer lending program
  • And much, much more…

As you can see, implementing just one of those things, will easily generate you a return several times larger than the investment you put into our research today.

Acquiring the expertise we’re sharing inside of Sovereign Man: Confidential

  • Took us over 13 years of learning and making mistakes
  • Cost us MILLIONS of dollars
  • And required visiting over 120 countries to do boots-on-the-ground research

Inside your Sovereign Man: Confidential

Membership Area

As an SMC member you’ll gain access to our comprehensive library which contains 50+ highly actionable and educational videos that explain dozens of incredible strategies you can take advantage of.

Watching these videos is like obtaining a Master’s Degree in international diversification, without the $50,000+ in student debt.

In the past, even just a handful of these videos were sold for $1,500+. Today we’re including them all with your Sovereign Man: Confidential membership.

  • Foreign Banking: You’ll get to know 5 safe foreign banking options (including some bank CEOs), where Simon does the heavy lifting and analysis for you, so you can easily determine if it’s right for you. (4 videos)
  • Residency & Second Citizenship: Attorneys and residency specialists from around the world will explain all the incredible benefits of becoming a resident, and how you can eventually qualify for a second passport. (7 videos)
  • Asset Protection & Estate Planning: Simon and his personal tax attorney break down this complex topic in a series of videos, which will help you understand how you can efficiently protect your assets and make sure that your heirs keep more of what you pass on to them. (12 videos)
  • Tax Mitigation: In a series of videos from our events Simon and various tax attorneys discuss multiple strategies for deferring, minimizing, or even completely eliminating your taxes. These strategies range from the simple to the complex, but they’re all completely legal and can save you a tremendous amount in taxes. (8 videos)
  • International Investing: Simon and his investment mentors share lucrative and unique opportunities to generate strong investment returns while taking minimal risk. (3 videos)
  • And much more…


Intelligence Reports

Every month you will receive an in-depth intelligence report focusing on domestic and international diversification strategies with step-by-step instructions and contacts who can help you implement the solutions.

Recently, SMC members received information and contacts on:

  • How to obtain a second passport (for next to nothing) if you have ancestors from Europe.
  • How you can minimize, or even eliminate, the bulk of your tax on investment income by using two unique strategies in Puerto Rico.
  • Learn about our top pick for international banking: where and how to open an account.
  • How to obtain a tier-one passport after just two years and very limited time spent in a beautiful South American country.
  • A no brainer (almost free) option to obtain residency in Colombia, one of the most beautiful and exciting places in the world right now.
  • How non-US citizens can benefit from holding assets in places like South Dakota and Wyoming… as well as the risks they face in the financial system.
  • And much more

Starter Guide

How to Put An Iron-Lock on Your Life, Get a Second Passport, Save a Fortune in Taxes & More

This is the single most important intelligence report we’ve ever published.

Never before, in our nine-year history, have we created a single report that outlines every step you need to take to protect your family and livelihood, gain more freedom and even potentially increase your wealth substantially.

It contains a decade of actionable knowledge we’ve acquired traveling the globe, meeting with top lawyers, bankers and government officials.

It’s the one report you’ll need to crisis-proof your life and gain more freedom…

A few examples of what you’ll learn inside… 

  • How to cut your capital gains tax to ZERO – Pg. 74
  • The best countries and banks to open an offshore bank account – Pg. 35
  • The four ways to get a valuable second passport Pg. 47
  • Never lose an online password again (and make them much more secure) – Pg. 7
  • Reclaim taxes you’ve already paid on certain dividends – Pg. 76
  • Simple structures you can create to save more for retirement (and supplement 401(k)s and pensions) – Pg. 70
  • The best way to protect your assets in a litigious society – Pg. 78
  • And much, much more…

We’re selling this guide outside of Sovereign Man: Confidential for $249… But as a member you’ll of course get access for FREE.

Quarterly In-Depth

Black Papers

Our quarterly Black Papers are in-depth research reports that go into extreme detail about a specific topic.

For example, one of our recent reports was about the four ways you can get a second passport.

It included 14 different countries with detailed instructions and requirements so that our readers can determine which options are right for them.

Another one covered no-brainer tax strategies for Internet Entrepreneurs.

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