Slideberry – Wellness Workshop Series | INSTANTLY DOWNLOAD !

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Slideberry – Wellness Workshop Series | INSTANTLY DOWNLOAD !

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Slideberry – Wellness Workshop Series | INSTANTLY DOWNLOAD !



Slideberry - Wellness Workshop Series

Slideberry – Wellness Workshop Series

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Get Slideberry – Wellness Workshop Series right now!

Wellness Workshop Series

Workshops and Speaking Gigs can be Your Fastest Path to Cash – IF DONE RIGHT

You need way more than a PowerPoint to make sure you are actually GROWING YOUR BUSINESS and MAKING MONEY from your workshops and speaking gigs.

A workshop, when supported by the right tools, can:

  • Boost your expert status – people seek out and pay more for experts
  • Get potential clients in for your discovery sessions – 1:1 coaching is the fastest path to cash when you don’t have a huge following yet
  • Grow your list – if you want more freedom and flexibility in your biz, a list can do that for you
  • Generate income with “back of the room” sales – entry level programs can bring in revenue and move your clients further up your sales funnel
  • and more…

Are you ready to MONETIZE your workshops?

The Wellness Workshop Series give you the tools you need to not only present a workshop. It is designed with growing your biz in mind:

  • PowerPoint Presentations: carefully orchestrated so you have the time and space to connect with your audience, share what you do, and let them know how to take the next step with you.
  • Workshop Handouts: succinct recap and action steps of the content so your audience can implement your tips right away. They see results, they come back for more!
  • Bonus Sign Up Handouts: give the audience another reason to get onto your mailing list so you can follow up and deepen the relationship.
  • Promotional Flyers: get more butts on the seats!
  • Sign Up Sheet and Evaluation Form Template: to ensure you are covered to run your workshop smoothly and professionally.

Yep, all DONE-FOR-YOU, delivered in completely customizable and editable file formats so you can make it your own to reflect you brand, your voice and your expertise!!

Here is what you will get:

PowerPoint Presentations ($295 retail value)

5 PowerPoint Presentations (delivered as .pptx) on the most popular topics. The content is very comprehensive (you won’t need a separate script!) and clearly listed in bullet points, with additional information and resource in the “notes” section, whenever applicable. Here are the details of each workshop:

Kick Your Sugar Habit

This presentation focuses on underlying physiological and emotional reasons behind sugar cravings, and practical action steps to help the audience take control over their sugar cravings. A great lead in to sell your Energy Class and your Detox Class or program.
One 60-minute talk.

Get Slideberry – Wellness Workshop Series on right now!

Detox 101

This presentation begins by creating awareness around our daily toxic exposure and symptoms of toxicity. Then lead into actionable steps that the audience can take to reduce their toxic exposure, and create a platform for promoting your detox program.
One 60-90 minute talk.

Relieving Mood Swings, Depression and Anxiety with Nutrition

This presentation discusses the causes of mood swing, depression and anxiety, what personal risk factors to watch out for, why our diets are causing problems, the 3 causes with nutritional implications, and lastly 6 ways to regulate mood with nutrition.
One 60-minute talk

Nutrition For Energy

This presentation builds on 3 basic principles to help increase energy and vitality. The materials provide a great way to introduce your sugar class or your detox program to the audience.
One 45-60 minute talk.

Secrets to the Last 5 Pounds

This presentation targets those who are frustrated with dieting and failing, and show them the secrets to losing the last 5 or 10 pounds with lasting changes.
One 45 – 60 minute talk

Workshop Handouts ($95 value)

5 handouts (delivered as .docx), each corresponds to one workshop listed above, that succinctly recap actionable steps so your audience can implement your tips right away. They see results, they come back for more!

  • 5 Things You Can Do Right Now To Lower Your Toxic Exposure
  • 4 Tips to Eat For Sustained Energy
  • 5 Ways to Regulate Your Mood Through Nutrition
  • 4 Strategies to Kick Your Sugar Cravings
  • 9 Ways to Avoid the Overweight Trap

Bonus Sign Up Handouts ($95 value)

5 handouts (delivered as .docx), each corresponds to one workshop listed above, to provide additional information related to the topic of the workshop. You can email the PDF to those who sign up for your mailing list, to boost your list-building effort. When you get their email, you can follow up and further build a relationship. Money is in the follow up!

  • Easy Ways to Support Your Detox Organs
  • 5 Tips to Kick Your Sugar Habit
  • Top 10 Good Mood Foods
  • Deciphering Food Cravings
  • 3 Ingredients That Can Sabotage Your Weight Loss Effort

Promotion Flyer ($95 value)

5 flyer templates (delivered as .docx), each corresponds to one workshop listed above. Plug in date, time, location, a logo and your contact – bam, you are ready to roll!

Sign Up Sheet Template ($19 value)

Designed to get people on your list AND sign up for a discovery session, with minimum confusion.

Workshop Evaluation Template ($19 value)

Find out what works, what doesn’t so you can make your next one even better! Designed to help your audience see the value in your presentation.

My Brain Juice ($39 value)

Tips and Strategies to help you maximize the income-generating potential of your workshop.

This is a complete tool kit to help you run your workshop with EASE and CONFIDENCE – knowing that not only you are providing a ton of value but also giving yourself opportunities to GROW YOUR BUSINESS!
Get Slideberry – Wellness Workshop Series right now!
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