Spbankbook – Harbinger Day Trading System

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Spbankbook – Harbinger Day Trading System

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Spbankbook – Harbinger Day Trading System

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This day trading system came about as the result of combining trading approaches that in effect had no chance of working effectively. At least that is what I thought when I tried this plan of attack.

Sounds like a crazy way to approach the business of outscoring and out -maneuvering the trading public or the professional traders, but it seems to actually be working favourably after I back-checked the trading rules for the last couple of months.

When you look at a chart you will note that the market moves up and down, almost never in a straight line. These reversal movements can last for short time spans, or for hours on end. The secret is discovering, ahead of time, how long these reversals last and before the next reversal starts.

When you do come to a conclusion of what you consider a sensible length of time between reversible periods, you can employ stops and target exits to take advantage of this knowledge.

I used this as a starting point and eventually developed a specific set of trading rules that produced  an amazing profitable set of trade results. I used trading rules that have been proven profitable in other trading systems and compiled them in combination with, I believe, is a completely new trading approach – one that to my knowledge has never been tried before.

I couldn`t believe my eyes when the

results popped up in my computer.

I use a 2 pt stop and 2 and 4 pt target exits. If you don`t run into early losses, you can operate this system with a $10,000 initial equity, a 4% trading risk and a 2 pt stop loss per contract. The system is always in action. When one trade is finished the next one starts immediately after.

I am replacing the Harbinger DTS with this new system. This old warhorse has lasted for years but overall the “profit factor“ did not warrant the time spent trading it.


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