Steve Sjuggerud – True Wealth 2016 Newsletter (Stansberry Research)

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Steve Sjuggerud – True Wealth 2016 Newsletter (Stansberry Research)

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Steve Sjuggerud – True Wealth 2016 Newsletter (Stansberry Research)

Dr. Steve Sjuggerud’s investment philosophy in True Wealth is simple:

Buy assets of great value when no one else wants them… and sell them when others will pay any price.

Over the past decade, this simple approach has revealed unusual opportunities you simply won’t hear about anywhere else – including timber, gold coins, and government “tax certificates.” If you get in early, all these investments have the potential to make outstanding gains – with extremely low risk, just as they have for True Wealth readers for years.

For example, True Wealth subscriber Raymond Martin, a former news producer at CBS, told us, “Of all the people I follow, Dr. Sjuggerud is, by far, the best at what he does… make me money. No one else comes close.”

Over the years True Wealth readers have had the opportunity to make outstanding gains in Hong Kong stocks (31%)… farmland (49%)… Texas oil and gas royalties (165%)… and in “virtual banks” (37%), to name a few. Dr. Sjuggerud also recommended buying gold back in 2002 – when it was trading for around $320 an ounce. Subscribers who followed his advice saw gains of 273% and 206%, and 182% in collectible coins.

Dr. Sjuggerud makes about two dozen research trips around the world each year, looking for investment ideas that are cheap, unknown to the average investor, and beginning an uptrend.

A former stockbroker and vice president of trading at a $50 million international mutual fund, Dr. Sjuggerud holds a doctorate in finance (his dissertation covered emerging-market currencies) and has been quoted by the Wall Street Journal, Barron’s, and the Washington Post, among many others.

On the third Friday of each month, Dr. Sjuggerud’s True Wealth will bring you safe, profitable alternative investment ideas that are perfect for retirees and those about to retire.

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